Saturday, October 13, 2007

It's like this Officer....

So, there I am---- as always on a weekend following behind the limo in the studio car with the second photographer. The limo in this case is one of those big schmancy party buses and we're fortified in the car with diet coke, some crackers, a half can of cashews and a handful of candy. This limo has even less respect for red lights than on a normal wedding evening. Zip. I pretty much have to stick with the limo because I'm following the photographer, I have the other photographer with me and we NEED to stick with the bride and groom and wedding party. So if a light gets blitzed, I generally follow behind. Last night the (female) limo drive blew 2 red lights. They were red when she went through, by the time I went through they were REALLY red. It was downtown on a Friday night so there was lots of traffic both vehicle and foot. When the limo buzzed through the third red light we were on the way to a reception I'd never been to before, and if I got lost I'd have no idea how to get there sooooooooooooooooooooooo I followed once again through the light.

Hi officer. Yes, I know I went through the red light and I'm really sorry sir. Really. I'm working sir and part of a wedding this evening at the Met, I need to follow the limo. Yes, I know that's no excuse, really I do. Normally I am a very good driver officer, yes, yes I know that normally doesn't cut it. Officer? Really, I need to find my limo, now I'm lost and I'll never find the Met. Oh, yes sir, I'm sure that you would be more than happy to direct me after you issue my citation but since I'm always so good at paying attention to the speed limit and never running lights do you think that maybe, oh no sir, I would never try to, oh no sir. Well sir. Yes sir. Officer, of course I respect you, I always respect the Police Offi----------- yes sir I'll just be quiet now. Absolutely.

The Cliff Notes version? 3 Red Lights ran. Stopped by Police on the 3rd. Warning citation issued.

Wedding Today? Consider the limo warned strongly.


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i like how you put it....

really red!