Thursday, October 18, 2007

pony hat

It's funny, the thing I miss the very absolute most about my life now is long stretches of solitude. I really and truly am very, very good by myself, always have been as a matter of fact. In my past life, now seemingly ages ago, it was not uncommon for me to have a week and more with just myself to worry about, at least on the adult front. It wasn't so much that I enjoyed eating what and when I liked, or coming and going as I pleased, although that was lovely. I loved having TIME that was mine to spend where I wished. Hours and hours at a stretch doing whatever it was that my hands found to do. The odd twist is that in the then of it I needed the time to decompress and re-focus, remembering that I was a good person worthy of love and happiness, I found the doing of things to help ease my soul. Now, there is far less time to muddle about and the focus is almost always work related. That is probably easier for women who have always been about dividing their time between work and 'off'---- I never had that distinction to make so the foreign-ness of it all is at times overwhelming and exhausting. As my son says, it is a darn shame that I am not a Trust Fund Child. I'd be a very good one!

Yesterday found the rest of the staff off on location so from 11 a.m. the day was blissfully, happily, delightfully MINE. I spent it reading a bit, listening to music, and ignoring the laundry and the dust bunnies while I knit. It didn't seem fitting to knit more on the leggings that have become an epic unto themselves, and the Noro hasn't arrived to put together the sweater. I gave in to the siren song of fresh starts and new needles.

The new needles were the very fun Pony needles, US size 5. I purchased them some time ago and have had them tucked away in my DPN case just for such an occasion! I adore the color, reddish orange---- they scream FUN! The quality has me a tiddle less than impressed although I almost never use a set of DPN's for an entire project so I could make it work just fine. They are slippery as the dickens and definitely slower than my Addi's or my beloved Denise's.

They are, I think, like me. Not as fast as they could be, but they'll do the job just the same.

So I cast on for a fun hat. From the Knitty archives (of course!) The photo below is the hat all grown up. It's been way too long since I fiddled with the whole color thing and I'm finding that I'm a bit rusty. Ack. But I love the hat and the recipient is my son (whom I just adore, he's the greatest!) so I'm having double joy knitting for his sweet self.

Is that little low-key peace sign in the ear flaps just the coolest? LOVE that!

Thankfully, the yarn carry's on the non-public side don't look as bad as they do here. The longest carry is 8 stitches, I think I really should figure out a way to make neater carries. I keep telling myself, hey it's a hat, not like you need it to be extra special neat. But, I'd like it to be so just the same. As ever, suggestions accepted and encouraged! :)

Work came with a vengeance today, isn't that always the case when you've enjoyed a lovely wallow? I did manage to get a lot off my desk and made several brides smile-------- always the mark of a good day!

I've fallen in lust with a new project from the new Vogue Knits............ I don't know if the passion will be acted on or if I'll just toy with it's emotions. I'd show you the object of my affections but the Vogue Knitting website is 'under construction' at the moment so it'll have to wait.

Patience................ it always boils down to patience, something I'm really not very good at. I'm much more the immediate gratification girl.

No instant gratification at all with the leggings, but I am happy to report that I am just about 'even' on the legs. You know, the ones that I am still kicking myself over not knitting two at the same time over???? When they're equal it will be time to join them and work them to the waist in the round. I'll be so happy when I'm to that stage as I'll be able to see the finale. That time is so seemingly close---- with a couple of trips in the next month---- that I'd better be lining up my new love interests!

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Virtuous said...

I hate DPNs and refuse to use them!!

Nice progress on the hat!

Alright we gotta see a WIP pic of these leggings!

Hope your weekend is nice and easy = sloathful! :op