Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Hands up

The coffee table is still clean but the week is young, isn't that how it goes?

Blog Friend Jenni is a "Knitter Down"---- over on the blog ALUM CREEK. (Jenni help me out here with your URL, somehow I can't get the right sequence....argh). Being a KNITTER DOWN is a very bad thing. It is bad enough that you are hurt and in pain, bad enough that your everyday activities are hampered, bad enough that life is quite interrupted----- but to have your knitting come to a standstill? Not good, not good at all. I send you all my very best Jenni, hugs and prayers and blessings for a wonderfully speedy recovery. As I walked this morning I was thinking how incredibly crabby I would be if I was unable to knit. Granted I would get much more reading done, and might catch up on a few other things, but in the grand scheme I'd be miserably grumpy. Hang in there sister knitter, we are standing with you! I know that the knitters everywhere would love to reach out and give you a big hands UP! (**Edited to add Jenni's URL--- thanks Jenni!)

The mitered squares are coming along, I have the second row done, that is 11 squares count 'em. I'm getting more than a bit nervous as in a few short days I should be casting on for the leggings with the EZ group. I'm thinking that the leggings and the sweater are two very full time projects---- and never enough time. (What else is new?)

It's a sad day here. You all know that we work with Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep the national non-profit organization that comforts families going through the loss of an infant with a photograph, a memory of their baby. I started Wee Angels as a place for knitters with a charitable heart to contribute bonnets, booties and wraps for these babies. In the middle of the night another call came through that a family had requested their baby be photographed so my wonderful partner went to the hospital at 3:30 a.m. The last of the little knitted baby sweet things went with her, a little bonnet from an unknown benefactor. Today, two more phone calls came in, one baby has a terrible genetic disease that will take it's life when it is delivered sometime today and the other baby will be delivered very early because it's Mom was involved in a car accident. That will be three angel sessions in the space of 24 hours, just heartbreaking. If you have a bit of time and some yarn and would contribute a little something to Wee Angels that would be very much appreciated. (More info on the sidebar) Yarn DOES make love! I won't share the photo from the session, some are sadder than others and this one simply is.

I hate to end the post with sadness------ so I'll just say that I hope you will count your blessings. Smile and pass one on, be charming and upbeat and know that it will affect the world around you. Y'know, the ripple in the pond thing.

An email arrived from my KVV (Knitter's Virtual Vacation) treater this morning, it was nice to get an email that lifted my spirits for sure! I had commented on my questionnaire that one of the places I would love to go is Montana. C'mon, you need knitted goodness many months of the year, it is breathtakingly gorgeous, the food is great, there are wide open spaces and plenty of places to run when you're feeling particulary misanthropic. I drove through several years ago while driving across country and was enchanted with everything about it. I'm going to pass along one of her photos here as I close, she sent three gorgeous views from her recent business trip there and I found them calming, pleasing and really lovely. She cleverly calls herself Grapefruit Bliss (which really has my brain churning) and I can't wait to find out who she is. I know you read the blog Bliss so let me tell you that I am not in a burning hurry for my Box O'Goodies! I have not sent to my pal yet either, preferring to stretch the anticipation for sending as well as receiving! I am really crazy busy right now (or at least crazy) and have opted to pass on several other secret swaps right now so this one is my one and only for the near future. I'm enjoying it! So, thanks for the email hello and for the following photos that I hope are okay to share with the Blitters! The one of the lake in such gorgeous blues? That one is now my desktop on my laptop------ lovely!

LOVE this photo------- Very fab!

And I think this one is my fave. You're quite the photographer Bliss! Thanks again!


Jenni said...

Thank you so much for your encouragement! I go to the doc tomorrow and I am going to ask him about using my fingers. And I got a crochet hook. I am hoping I will be able to manage that.

Oh and mt url is...


You don't need all that extra stuff...I hate the blog url's eventually I will get a forwarding service.

Jenni said...

actually you can type


and it will work! Thanks again for your sweet words!

Renée said...

My daughter has a friend at work who had a full term baby stillborn last month. She (My dd) went to the funeral service and was uplifted to see the beautiful photograph of her friends baby. This is a real "ministry" that can make a huge difference to a grieving family.