Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Being Blue

I should be thin, well thin-ner anyway! I work darn hard and I work darn hard a lot. A combination that should (in a perfect world) lead to thinness. But I'm not (although I am working on it) and it seems to be just another one of the funny little things that pops up in life that you have to move through. Even though it makes you cranky. If you just saw me at Steak & Shake with food on my plate that isn't exactly legal, please don't mention it. Just don't!

After working a long wedding on Saturday in fairly serious heat I got up on Sunday morning and made a run to Lowe's to buy primer and paint. The deep chocolatey cherry color on the walls in the bedroom had run it's course and I was sick to pieces of it. Hence the first coat of white primer, which is a pain in the drain to roll, all grunt work and no payback. The color is absolutely scrumptious, it is "Diving Board" (stupid name) in the Martha Stewart line for Lowe's. Love her or hate her, good ole' Martha has the best blues on the planet. It is a pale blue but it has a touch of green to it, very soft and lovely. So getting a late start at 11 I hauled up my ladder (my house is 100 years old with 12 foot ceilings) from the basement along with a trim brush and my huge canvas dropcloth. And primed. The bedroom is quite large so I primed until 2. Knowing that if I didn't keep moving I'd live with primed walls for no telling how long I popped open the cans of blue. Lovely. Simply lovely. Today's Country kept me company on the tv/music station and I rolled until my arms felt like they were coming unhinged. But the bedroom is now a divine, tranquil, lovely pale blue. I'd purchased a new set of bedding and it is scrumtious, all blue and taupey with lots of great pillows and texture. Wonderful. I have plans for a simple 3 color border around the ceiling that is primarily taupe with a bit of aqua and a smidge of a mossy green. It will get done.................

With the Pi done, and blocked and dry (oh my?) I must admit to being quite captivated by the lovely way it drapes and flows and moves when worn. Just lovely. Simple and yet lacey at the same time. I blocked the garter border into evenly spaced points and I really like the effect. Now without the Pi my knitting highway is seemingly open and the race is on to see what gets knit first.

The border is very plain garter stitch but I thought I'd try to block it into scallops, which it did quite nicely.

The Gull border blocked out very nicely too, I like the difference between the plain knit of the shawl and the lace---- yet not too fussy lacy!

That is Hana, admiring my Pi----- she has always been a dog with good taste!

The EZ knitalong has us making "Fiddle Faddle" or Christmas ornaments in August. I did manage to knit a star yesterday. I used merino from KnitPicks in HollyBerry (lovely color) to make my star. She whipped up in well under an hour and when blocked is darn cute. I have no illusions that I am to LOVE the Fiddle Faddle, I desire only to be a better knitter as I go through the year of EZ and have some fun and companionship on the journey. I do think I might make a few more stars here and there and I'd like to use EZ's suggestion on how to make it larger. It would make awfully cute little gift tie ons and a little something to tuck into holiday cards don't you think?

One Mittenette is done to the point of having to knit in the thumb on dpi's and I have a good start on the second one. The worsted weight from Fearless Fibers has been delightful to work with. The Mittenette pattern itself has just flown and is straightforward and simple, a very nice pattern.

I'm ready to begin pattern on the socks----- but it is a chart thing. I need to swing by Kinko's and have a couple of copies of the chart made, and blown up a little bit. It will be easier to sit back and follow along with a larger chart not bound in the book. I just got my Chart Keeper from KnitPicks last week so this will be the maiden voyage.

While watching something on tv last night (Hell's Kitchen maybe?) I used the Dirter and wound up all of the yarn for my B4 Bag. I have a collection of Cadena from KnitPicks, a couple of skeins of Lopi and one of a thick Brown Sheep in some great colors. The Way Cute pic below is the photo from the website at Once in a Bloomoon---- LOOOOOVVEEEEEEE this bag.

Aren't the colors yummy? I need to plan out the spacing/order of them before I am off and knitting. I think the black will be the base and perhaps the 'bumped out' stripes and maybe a bobble row somewhere.

Lastly, my order from Webs is scheduled to arrive tomorrow with the chocolate and white yarn for Kyle's "Knitty" hat, as well as a boatload of Noro to make that fabulous sweater in KnitSimple.

You know what that means, right? Too much to knit, not enough time. I lamented that very fact this morning on my walk. My HOT walk. The temp will soar over 100 here today with the heat index over 110 so I hit the pavement by 7 a.m. I would have been out the door earlier but I just couldn't get moving any faster. It was just stinkin' hot, hot, hot even at that early hour. After my 'fast walk' my companion was the new offering from Kelly at KnitPicks-- great as always. She was talking about the Meg Swansen DVD for the Mimbres Vest. Naturally I had to come home and check it out. I have to say, it is actually the first thing in a very long time that I could say.......'y'know, I can live without that!' I'll be in the studio today working on a wedding album for a lovely bride who wore (under her traditional white gown) the most gorgeous pair of deep turquoise heels! The album will be fun to design, showcasing her flair and love for color.

When no one is looking I shall be knitting. Okay, how about just.......... Knit On!


Jenni said...

Your Pi shawl is beautiful. I love the brown color! It will be so versatile.

And you are right. That bag is totally cute.

I've been knitting fiddle faddle, and I didn't really like it at first. But I have to admit, it's addictive. Try the tree. I think it is more fun than the star. And today I knit the little doll. I've already got a pile of fiddle faddle on my coffee table.

Unknown said...

Yeah. you are starting on the bag. i just felted mine for the second time and i am about to line it. stay tuned for pics.

Renée said...

Love that Pi! Just beautiful! I wish I were done with mine. The border is taking forever. Yours inspires me to keep on keeping on!