Thursday, August 30, 2007

Brought to you by a Slice of America...

QUICK---- it's time to head out of town, jump in the rental buggy, grab knitting, pack the camera, bring some cash, put sunglasses on your head and run for it! A day away from the grind and time to play hooky can only mean it is State Fair Time. And what a slice of America the day was, totally fun and very relaxing a day trip to the DuQuoin State Fair in Illinois was just the ticket.

Armed with my B4Bag and my Mitered Square sweater project in hand I got quite a bit done passing through little towns and lots of corn. (Locally pronounced CARN for those of you not of the midwest persuasion!)

The fair welcomes you! C'mon in, we have horses, livestock and food. Did we mention food?

Ode and homage to M*A*S*H, the obligatory signpost of the fair

First stop of course is the fried food shack

Two of the fine fair entrees, on the left is a delicious deep fried Twinkies followed by the ever popular funnel cakes. The twinkies were mine, all mine. I don't eat Twinkies routinely but then fair rules are just different!

It was about time to sit under the tent and get out of the heat! The band was playing country and were very good! I don't want you to think that I was starting to be all wussified about the day, the lemon shake up above is not mine. No sister, I went for one of St. Louis's best the oh so delightful beer in the frosty cold aluminum bottle. You will note that it is a Bud LIGHT, after all I am watching what I eat! :)

CORN! Yum. Roasted until done, shucked back and dipped in the vat o' butter and then salted. Tasty as can be. Isn't the corn man cute? Very nice guy!

Corn dogs---- see there is a theme? Delish, can't come to the fair without a corn dog with lots of mustard!

Entertainment alley was a bit small, this is not one of the Jumbo Fairs after all. Not that I'd ride anyway. We were going to ride the ferris wheel for a view of the fair but at 10 dollars a pop I thought I'd have another beer or two instead. Always practical--- that's me!

Fairs around the country always have the displays of handiwork, food and such all decked out with the prize winning ribbons. The sweater above has been seen a lot around the 'net, the knitter did a great job. I think I might get a little huffy if they used push pins to display my hard work, but hey--- that's just me! The blue ribbon might have made up for that a little!

These were in the children's area, mighty fine award winning dishcloths!

And produce! Now those dear Blitters are some watermelons!!! YUM!

I don't think comment is needed but I can think of several times I'd like to have this sign in my possession! What can I say, there were horses and other livestock. Lots of them!

We ended our wonderful day at the harness races. Neither of us had ever been so we trudged into the grandstand and had a sit. Check out these seats, honey they were SMALL! I believe they were built in an era when people did not go to the fair and eat every fried thing they could get their hands on and then some and wash it down with beer. Skinny butts these are your folding chairs! But sit we did. I had a beer (hey, it was HOT!)

Get this for beginner's luck! MY HORSE WON! My 4 dollar investment became 38 dollars and change. Woo Hoo! Go Number 9!

On the way out I tossed some winnings on taffy...... black walnut taffy. Delish!

I managed to knit a few more rows on the way home before it got dark and then I just settled in with a nice diet coke from the gas station for nice ride back.

America, ain't it great?


Unknown said...

hahaha we've both been to the fair! hope you are well! (Was that a fried twinkie?!)

Nancy @ the Jersey Shore said...

That sounded like such fun! I almost felt like I was there. I'm hungry now :-)

Renée said...

Ok, Hon. I got a tummy ache just reading this post! LOL Sounds like you had a great time!