Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Still no visual

My camera woes have not abated--- which is a source of minor irritation, but in the grand scheme it is really okay. I'm coping and trying not to lose my ladylike demeanor. (It's my reality, and how I deal with it really is personal at this point, yes?)

The Pi Shawl has progressed to the place of knitterly bliss. I have increased to 288 stitches (thanks to Kelley Petkun for the wonderful suggestion to add a marker every 20 stitches) and just can't tell you how much I'm enjoying the solid romp of knitknitknit. No lace patterns for me, but I'm still strongly considering a nice lace border having 'interviewed' several fine candidates. The color is a very nice rich brown with some high and lowlights of other lovely earth colors, it is such a nice yarn. I did purchase enough of the 'Campfire' colorway because I couldn't make up my mind with the color from the online photo (which was easily justified because it is quite inexpensive), now I'm wondering if I want to do the lace border in a contrasting/coordinating color or just keep it all meltingly monochromatic. With miles and miles to go I have plenty of time to make up my mind. I am channeling EZ somewhat I think, even in the heat of summer I have begun craving a nice cup of tea! Now if her wisdom will even minutely sink into the dim recesses of my brain that would be really fantastic!

I'm back at walking, and the doggone tendonitis is still a problem. I think it is something I'm just going to have to get used to................ or give up my walk and I just can't do that. Today for example was my day to listen to the latest KnitPicks podcast, and it was amusing as usual. It was lovely to walk home from the huffpuff time of walking and enjoy a vicarious visit at the Black Sheep Festival, I could see the yarn and rovings in my mind. Tomorrow I have two other podcasts in the queue ready to go. See? If I give up my walk/podcast time then I'd have to listen during my knitting time. Heck, we can't interfere with the TiVo schedule or my current book on tape now can we?

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Kelley said...

Thank you for your comments on my blog. You have such a delightful sense of humor!