Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Solidarity in the Ranks

I was walking in the park today and about halfway through the first half of my Lean Walk II routine. The mornings are still hot and humid and trust me when I tell you that I'm no raving beauty when it comes to my appearance power walking the park sans makeup and with frizzy hair! I was immersed in my routine of interval walking (and trying to keep my speed up) so I was pretty well focused. I noticed a runner in the distance--- I mean it is a city park and I wear my iPod so I try to keep tabs on things around me. She appeared very slender, and as the distance between us shortened I could see that she was older than I am and wearing hot pink shorts and a t-shirt along with her iPod. She also wore one of those quirky (to me) Lawrence of Arabia style hats--- you know the kind with the long brim in the front and the panels that hang down in the back to keep the sun off your neck? Personally I don't wear a hat they make me crazy. Plus, I love the very chic racing stripe of tan that runs around the back of my neck and extends a bit lower where my sweaty t shirt slides back. What can I say, I'm just bitchin' hot! :) Anyway she is running a pretty good pace and just before we are to pass each other in the opposite direction, this woman comes to a stop! I mean, right in front of me she does this little jump thing and with bent knees comes to a stop with her right fist raised in that sort of solidarity salute. Think of Lech Walesa in the 1980's, well except a lot more feminine. Before I could react or even say anything she is off and running again, smiling all the while. I think I managed a 'good morning' but to be honest with you I'm not 100% positive. I still had a couple more miles to log walking in the park so I was giving some thought to her encouragement. At the 50 minute mark, I saw her again. She was running on a perpendicular path to mine in the park and as she ran by me slightly ahead of my position and heading to the east she gave me that Solidarity fist again while calling "keep it up, you are doing great!" It made me smile in a big way! I don't know as if I have seen her before this morning, at least not regularly (the hot pink shorts would have made a bigger impact) but I will remember her now. Whether or not she has seen me, or she just knows that I'm out there working very hard, I appreciated her enthusiasm and her desire to perk me up. I am down 38 hard fought pounds and there are days I want to give it all up and just become the sedentary knitter again but that wasn't working for me at all.

The morning with the runner made me think about what solidarity and encouragement means to us, the knitting community. For the most part, it is why we read knitter's blogs, why we take part in guild meetings, go to classes and camps, hang out with other knitters and generally want to suck the air of others who engage in crafting yarn with pointy sticks. We NEED encouragement, it is the wind at our backs when we are involved in a project (especially one that is having some problems!) Just think of all the times when someone stopped by your blog or saw you at the stitch and bitch and told you what a fine job you were doing and that they loved something about your knitting?

Along the lines of being a blessing to others, or the random act of kindness, encourage someone today. Stop by a blog and leave a comment of encouragement and Knitter's Solidarity. It doesn't have to be a dissertation! Just stop in your tracks and offer a word of support, encouragement, and some of that good stuff we're so good at extending to each other. Hot pink shorts are optional, yet strangely encouraged.

Wow, great job! I LOVE it! Wooooooo Hoooooooooooo!

The poor dogs, our beloved Prince (in blue) and Hana (in red) have colds. So they are wearing their sweaters (hideously storebought---- my apologies) while they are in the a/c. Hana is a Cat-Dog, as you can see. Not only is she confused as to her dog-ness but she is a stealer of the first degree. Last night I couldn't find my tapestry needle, it was slipped into the paper case and left on the coffee table. Sure enough I found the needle in the dining room in the hidey hole corner chewed to smithereens. ARRRRRGH! Her brother did not tell on her, which in most circumstances would be praised, in this case he could have let me know, it was my last one. (They run away somehow)
. There are times even the dogs have a show of solidarity, they don't rat each other out, well-- unless there is food involved and then all bets are off!

Striking a cat dog pose

Ninja quick turns while Prince looks unimpressed.


Jenni said...

That is a wonderful story...what a nice woman! And to think, she could be all stuck up about things!

Your doggies are adorable. I hope they feel btter soon.

hapagirl said...

What a great lady! I belong to a women's gym for that very reason! There's nothing like that, "Wow...keep it up!" to keep you going.

Your dogs are adorable! Hana's cat/dog pose cracks me up. :0)

tina said...

They are fabulous dogs, I adore them. Although right now I am at the studio late and I'm sure they are home pooping in the hiding place and eating the mail.