Thursday, July 5, 2007

Pooped Out

Pooped out is perhaps a poor choice of titles for the blog today knowing my luck with plotting and scheming birds on my walking route. Today it merely indicates my complete dislike of having a holiday smack dab in the middle of the week, after all-- returning back to work is always beyond distasteful, it is generally not a lot of fun and a task that must be undertaken with the greatest stoicism possible.

The holiday was quite nice though, as far as the Fourth of July goes anyway. I'm not a huge fan of 'home fireworks' generally. While it is a great idea I suppose to involve the family and the neighborhood in lavish displays of sparkly light, it is hot, and messy, and well, can you say money going up in smoke? Literally. That is just my opinion of course and I'm entitled to it! Literally. I have never really enjoyed anything beyond going to organized fireworks displays at various locations around the U.S. and watching the festivities, appropriately ooooh'ing and aaaaaaah'ing of course. My partner and her family are complete Wild People when it comes to the 4th, insanity is the order of the day. First of all everyone must gather the appropriate pyromaniacal accoutrements from the fireworks stands, hundreds and hundreds of dollars worth. Then they begin gathering in the early afternoon for food (my favorite part hands down) and then the inevitable sorting of the Boom Boom Booty. The daytime display is normally limited to bottle rockets, the rockets that dislodge a parachute over the neighbors roof, the jumping jacks, the clucking chicken (I do enjoy the chicken), or the other jumping, whirling, noisy 'things'. Ice cream and snacks are generally enjoyed just before dusk when you need to cool off a bit and then the evening entertainment begins. Ah, darkness. It brings the Big Booms, the rockets that paint the sky with colors, the Cherry Bombs, the myriad of explosive things that bring the night sky to life. I am not sure and can not back this up with any kind of fact but I believe that the neighborhood I was in last night could have sustained a third world country for a year on the fireworks that went off. It was something.............

They played with their incendiary toys, and the occasional bit of baseball, and I was knitting. I sat in the shade and knit on my lovely brown Pi Shawl for hours. It would have been absolutely blissful (and still was in large measure) if it wasn't over 90 degrees with humidity to match. Even in the shade the sweat trickled at times and a facial mopping with a paper towel was necessary in the others. I had to modify my 'tension hold', usually accomplished by a pinky finger looping of the right hand, because I was so hot and sweaty that the yarn refused to move through my grip no matter how loosely I held it. It was wonderful fun to watch the firebugs present have a thoroughly entertaining time of it however.

It is so hard to see much of the Pi's 288 stitches on this circular needle. I'm almost ready to do the last increase row and will then have 576 stitches--- definitely time to get a longer cable out of the Denise case! It is doubly hard to imagine that when blocked this will be a shawl, light and open but not too-too. I've seen photos of some of the other group members on the Yahoo site and I have to admit, I do love the Really Open ones, they look so soft and fluffy.

I did not buy any fireworks, not one tiny anything---- even poppers! I am absolutely certain that because I was fiscally responsible that I can order anything I like from the Loopy Ewe. So positive in fact that I will be getting on with this task in short order. After all, it is the day after a holiday, how productive can one really and truly BE at work anyway??????

And on a final note is my (very) bad photo of the WeeAngels bonnet I finished last week. Old camera, tired fingers = a photo that doesn't show the 2x2 basketweave or the very simple edge. I know that it will make a difference to a family. Don't forget WeeAngels!

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Jenni said...

I am not much into fireworks either. We didn't do much on the 4th...just planned our vacation, oh well.

You've gotten a lot done on the Pi shawl!