Friday, July 6, 2007

Madness on the Horizon

No, I have decided not to give you any knit related photos today. If I did I'd have to fess up about the MS3 yarn. And the beads. In two colors just in case. And the fine little crochet hook because hook around here disappear into some sort of pit. Maybe the house is haunted by an old crocheting spinster who feels compelled to add them to her ghostly stash. I digress.

I did join the MS3 group a couple of days ago and feel absolutely positive that I didn't need to. But the lure was simply too great for me and I joined. Then I felt the growing remorse that I should just bow out, I didn't have time, I didn't need another shawl! After all, I just completed the very last increase row of the Pi Shawl for Elizabeth's Year and 4o rows of over 500 stitches on that big ole' circ will keep me busy. Really busy. So what gives? Oh right, like you don't know!! You know full well what happens when temptation creeps into the soul of a knitter. Today I bought a lovely cream (ecru?) mohair blend and some beads in a cream and a really pretty pinky coppery bead just because. I was going to use KnitPicks Shadow in a really yummy caramel color (the color way escapes me at the moment) but to be true to the theme MS3 should be light and on the off white range. I never did much follow rules so we will see what ends up on my needles.

Mind you, I have a hectic work schedule all weekend long and won't get to any of it unless something gives. I suppose I could just stop sleeping but as I've said earlier, it isn't a great option.

If you are peeking over my shoulder I also bought a couple of balls of ecru Sugar and Cream. I'm thinking of knitting up a sweet facecloth for my Secret Pal with Knitter's Virtual Vacation and pairing that with some yummy handmade soap as part of her goodie bag.

The butterfly is sweet in the pic above, yes? My garden this year is struggling with the heat, poor thing. And it is just too hot for me to sit outside when I get a moment and knit so I don't get to really enjoy it much.


Jenni said...

My garden is drowning at the moment. I added you to bloglines...keep knitting on the Pi Shawl. I can't wait to see how it turns out!

Rosemarie Buchanan said...

Hi Tina ... Rosemarie Buchanan here. I can't seem to find a link to your email addy (and I left a comment following the post with the link to my belly button start for circular projects).
Your email addy (or link) is probably right in front of me, but this 50-something knitter can't seem to find it!
Please email me:
rosemarie dot buchanan at gmail dot com
Rosemarie Buchanan