Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Movin' on the Mystery (sort of....)

I actually had a bit of quiet time to sit with the MS3 last night and am FINALLY done with Clue One. I feel extremely self satisfied with that accomplishment and have chosen to ignore the fact that most of the group participants are working on Clue 3. Show offs, that is what they are!!!! I'm fighting the urge to frog it all back and start with another yarn, yes I still have this urge. It is fuzzy, I don't usually knit fuzzy and it just seems very open. Mind you, the gauge swatch I knit made me happy enough but I do reserve the option to change my opinion. The real reason I don't start over is very simple. I may never get this knit up again. Ever. So I am making my peace with the furry MS3 and my poky progress and perhaps someday off the group I will knit it again is something smooth with smaller needles. Or not! I am finding this particular piece of lace knitting SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO satisfying, it is a wonderful mental counterpoint to the Pi. I removed my Frequent Frogger button from the sidebar as my frogging is less and less. Now I am just slow, thanks for the cute button I found at Natalie's blog! I will soon be ready to work the border on the Pi so Miss Mystery will be taking another hiatus.

I had to get up and stretch for a bit because I'd developed Lace Neck all hunched up with my needles and the chart and wandered in to look at the laptop. Something came over me and before I knew it I'd purchased a gorgeous skein of yarn from Fearless Fibers on Etsy as well as the cutest little pattern for fingerless mittens from Chez Plum. I have to say, she has adorable patterns. I plan on knitting these little mittennettes for my partner who will enjoy them a great deal, they'll be perfect. Now to decide the yarn. I am absolutely sure that I will have to purchase more yarn for this. Maybe a lot of it. :)

Work continues to be very busy this week, lots of brides to herd and a double wedding this weekend to ride herd on. Despite that, I do hope to keep the needles clacking in order to find a bit of peace and quiet!


hapagirl said...

Congratulations on finishing the first clue! I've been ignoring mine, but I better get back to it today, so I can try to catch up with the slow bees (I think I'm more of a snail).


tina said...

Natalie--- We may be slow but we are MIGHTY! :)

Jenni said...

The mystery stole sounds like fun. I ought to try the next one.