Friday, July 20, 2007

More Work---- Less Knit

Thank heavens the weather is going to be great, that is all I have to say! Not your typical St. Louis Missouri weather, the thunderstorms rolled through last night breaking the awful heat and humidity and through the weekend mornings are going to be delightful with highs only in the low 80's. I can take that. Double weddings, double brides to herd today and Saturday. Both of my brides are sweet as pie and I've been looking forward to their weddings since we booked them in----- thankfully no bridezillas! (If you overbitch when you knit, does that make you a KnitZilla?) Hmmmmm.

The cameras are all packed away and the batteries recharging so I'll have to owe you photos. (or get a cell phone with a camera and I just can't do that so please don't ask!)

I am very slowly plodding through Clue 2 of the Mystery. I really don't know why I can't leave it alone, it is beyond addictive. I've also decided that I like the fuzz of it (I've been grousing about it) and I think it is going to be quite fetching! Tonight when I was just too tired I knit and re-knit the same row about 4 times until I decided I was more mentally suited to the zen of the Pi. I was so hoping to make the border by Saturday but with the weddings I'm not sure I'll make it.

For fun I've been slowly collecting goodies for my secret pal on the Knitter's Virtual Vacation. Two rounds of bingo (which were fun) left me with zilch on my card however! St. Louis has some great things to pull together so I've had a great time. Guess what MY LYS is????? Go ahead............. think about it! I should say one of my LYS's anyway. Any idea? While you think I'll just sit here and hum the Jeopardy theme song? Give up???? THE LOOPY EWE!!!!!! I'll be picking out something fabulous for my pal from the Ewe, who wouldn't love that??????

And lastly, I'll photograph my worsted weight lovely from Fearless Fibers that arrived today just ahead of the rain! It is gorgeous and I think it will be perfect to knit up into the fingerless mittennettes pattern I purchased on Etsy. (You will note that I have long since lost the battle with keeping the stash low and the projects on the needles of a manageable number!) It is is golds and russets and just so yummy!!! Did I tell you that when I was in my moment of purchasing weakness on Etsy that the reason I just knew it was alright to buy more yarn when I have 4 projects currently going (two being largely ignored for the most part) was that I heard Carrie (Socks In The City) in my head saying----- awwwwwwwwwwwww go on. You really don't have that much stash, no you don't, and you know you deserve it. Geez, I saw her jumping up and down with little hand-knit pom poms cheering me on. I don't have nearly the stash she does (or many other knitters) but by heavens I am working on it! I'm dying to add some cashmere to do a moebius too, must be the intrigue of the Pi. The upside is that after the Pi most things seem like light knitting!

One skein at a time!!

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Renée said...

Hi Tina-the camera on my cell phone isn't very good. Maybe I would have had to get a phone that I spent money on instead of taking the "free" one that came with the plan! LOL