Saturday, July 7, 2007


Pundits around the world are calling today, 7.7.7 a very lucky day, especially to get married. Ask Eva Longoria and Tony Parker, I guess they need a bit more luck (poor dears, no financial security and so darn unattractive) in their lives as well. As the C.D. of a photography studio, the wedding today will be low key by the 7.7.7 standards I've seen hyped! I always enjoy my time with the bride and her family, we've normally had a good relationship for up to a year (or sometimes more) so that by the time her big day arrives I look forward to seeing her (and vice versa) and I know that I make a difference in her once in a lifetime special event. There was a bride last year who said she wished that she brought her knitting with her while she waited for the ceremony to start--- now that would have made a picture my blitters!

Just an image from a wedding a few weeks ago---- I thought you might enjoy it.

7.7.7 will find me at a wedding and trying desperately to stay away from the cake, definitely an occupational hazard. I find no burning desire to join in on the YMCA or the chicken dance, and can pass by the champagne and h'ors d'ouevres but the wedding cake calls my name at the top of it's lungs!

But when I get home I think the mindless bliss of Shadow on my needles will call to me. After all, I have to get going on the MS3 shawl. Last night I knit up a lace swatch and am using my Denise 7's, they will glide through the sticky-ish mohair. I'm rethinking the beads, I love beads don't get me wrong but I think this might be a wicked frustration from what I'm hearing from the Yahoo group. We will see. For today, the Pi, and maybe tomorrow night or Monday I can work on the MS3.

Or not! :)


Jenni said...

I didn't even realize it was 7.7.7. That's pretty neat.
Avoid wedding cake? There's no WAY I could do it!

Helga said...

I gotta say, I don't find the beads to be a problem. Then again, I've gone to Special Notice for the group, to avoid the 50 billion messages and repeats of the same post over and over.

hapagirl said...

That shot of the bridesmaid is priceless...
I guess I'll be (re)starting my MS3 along with you. Black yarn + astigmatism = one big blur. Changing to grey.