Monday, July 30, 2007

Knit and Stitches

Oh lawsy me----------- a weekend off! Is there anything better in the world? I don't think so actually. I very rarely ever enjoy a weekend off, I'm usually herding brides and attending to the details of wedding photography, so when it happens I revel in each and every second! While Monday morning (my USUAL day off) does find me with a bit of work on my desk to shuffle through before enjoying the last blast of my weekend I am relaxed, energized and ready to go!

Knitting was not the only recipient of my time although I did get quite a bit done on the Pi Shawl. My lovely Pi has only one repeat left of the Gull border before I will do the narrow garter border worked sideways that EZ speaks of in the July chapter. I am very anxious to get the shawl blocked! I've pretty much neglected entirely the MS3---- perhaps I will pick it back up soon. Then again---- there is that new bag pattern and all the new yarn, and the socks and.......... sigh. The same old quandary! What to do? I'll have a bit of travel time this week so I'm sure the socks will get picked back up and I'm so anxious to work on the Mittennettes as well! The only reason I haven't cast on already for the bag is that the yarn hasn't arrived, when it does all bets are off!

The sewing room and I became re-acquainted over the last couple of days and it was bliss. Those that know me, family and friends, have always told me when life gets a little 'crunchy' to GO SEW! They've always been words to live by. I made a trio of adorably cute DPI cases to gift away in the next couple of weeks---- sooooooo cute! I'm actually thinking of taking them to Etsy, what do you think?

the cute little inner pocket:

It is difficult to see the little buttons that close the bag---- , they look like little knit stitches, or maybe bullions, very sweet.

My wall quilt in progress is "Seek Happiness"--

I love the theme, to seek happiness because happiness is totally a choice! Ain't it a fact!!! I had such a good time putting this quilt together, and it is an original. The quilt has some computer printed graphics and text, some applique and a bit of tulle overlay in places. It needs to be batted and backed, and I will machine quilt it with black rayon thread, gold rayon thread and add some beads and bling. It makes me happy. Of course it goes without saying, please do not ask me WHEN it will be completed. For the moment it hangs on the sewing room wall and I'm enjoying it au naturale! :)

Sometimes projects don't have to be finished IMMEDIATELY! Do they?


hapagirl said...

The DPN cases are great! I like the finishing on them. How many needles would it accomodate?

Jenni said...

I love the cases and the way that you have combined fabrics!

Renée said...

Loved your photos today, and your "Seek Happiness" theme really speaks to me. Love it!

I wish I could have been a part of MS3. Maybe I'll get in on 4 if there is one next year.

tina said...

The DPN cases would accommodate quite a few needles actually. I'm glad you ladies like them! Thank you. Maybe I will kick the tires on Etsy.....

Now Renee---- MS3 is kicking my tush. I have basically just started clue 2 and others are on 4 I think. I like the project, it is lovely I'm just so ready for fun and smaller!

dana said...

i wanted to mention that i love the needle holders. i really like your choice of fabric. so graphic. i was thinking of using a black and white in my felted bag but the lady tipped me to a colored print. i also like it but is not as "me" as the black and white would have been. so that's today's lesson: listen to my own little voice.