Monday, July 9, 2007

In Praise of Lifelines..............

So there she is in all her glory. My MS3. With no beads. Sorry, it wasn't working for me. Really if the truth me told I got a little snarky so I'm going PURE, aka beadless. I bought beads in a size too small and they just looked pure dee stupid. If I hadn't waited so long to sign up for the Mystery Shawl then I'd have had plenty of time to mail order some great ones. Big surprise, a last minute project turned my head and left me scrambling. Regardless, I would like to make this again in a non-fuzzy with beads. If I'm being totally honest I think that making this again will more than likely not happen as while I'm knitting TWO shawls the do me list grows longer by the hour. Ignore the blue lifeline about an inch below the needles, although it is a lovely blue! I've only had to use my lifeline once, which I consider a miracle because I'm not a dedicated lace knitter at all. But I have to tell you, KNOWING it is there is worth more than I can say. It feels very good knowing that if it all goes awry, I will be able to safely frog back to the land of perfection.

You will also notice that my lace knitting is, well--- ahem, it has a chart that is slow to read but a paper sort of lifeline. I have long known that my brain does not remember complicated stitch sequences past say------ four. And the further I get past my Sparkling Youth I find that complicated means anything past k1, p1 or yo. I think that's why I don't knit scarves now because when I get to the Home I'll be knitting miles of them! (It's okay really, I've long since dealt with it!) So on my chart I use a series of Post-It notes. The first is cut down to the sticky part only and taped together to form a moveable 'line'. That blue sticky line moves up the chart as each row is completed. Then working as brackets are two more Post-It's, and they move along as each stitch is knit---- I might keep 8-10 stitches inside the opening between the notes at a time. Yes, it is slow, but I hate to frog, I am a Knitter who knows her limitations, and it works for me. The bonus is that I've only frogged once and judging from what I've read on the group list, that is pretty darn good! I've moved on to the second half of the first clue. Because the second clue is out and finished by many in the group (and I haven't even peeked I promise!) and the third clue is due out this Friday it is safe to say that I am behind.

Row 51 MS3................. just waiting. And waiting. This for me, while enjoyable and rewarding is definitely not the kind of knitting that is mindless---- and there are times that I dig mindless in a Big Way. Maybe if I did lace exclusively, or lace projects back to back to back I'd be more comfortable. For mindless Zen happiness I turn to my Elizabeth's Year project---- the Pi Shawl.

Honestly, it is just a sad and horrible thing on the needles at this stage isn't it? You can't even see the pretty color of the yarn. I am 10 rows into the last increase section, 576 stitches on the needles with markers every 20 stitches. (Which is a lifeline of another kind and a lifesaver to boot!) 30 more rows and then a border of some kind. I do want to do something lacy and lovely but to be honest with you every pattern I see turns my head in a mad flirtation and I just can't commit to anyone!

Work has been crazy, we're ear deep in brides (many of them -- well let's just say that they are NEEDY) and everything that goes along with it has kept my knitting time way too short. My latest socks sit in the wooden bowl on the coffee table and mock me. 4 rows of ribbing on the Addi's tell me that they are neglected and full of sorrow, maybe envy.

The baby sweater is at the studio almost finished---- hallelujah. I knock back a few rows while on the phone, the endless on hold's with someone, and when a project has me waiting for something else to happen. Thankfully baby sweaters are small, rather mindless, down and dirty and rather happy going. Nothing like a finished project. Almost anyway.

Nothing like the comfort and security of a lifeline either!


KnitNana said...

I'm another who praises lifelines to the skies! I'd rather have them there, than pay the price of not!
Your lace is gorgeous!

tina said...

Thanks so much knitnana for the props! The fact that you use and love lifelines makes me feel so much better----- you are one of the most prolific lace knitters I know and your work is exquisite!

hapagirl said...

Your MS3 is beautiful! Mine....well, let's say I'm going to join Bonne Marie in the Slow Bee group.

Jenni said...

I know what you mean. Pi certainly isn't anything special on the needles is it? I think mine looks like a jellyfish.