Monday, July 23, 2007

The Last Slice of Pi

Well dear Blitters-- it is official, the last of the 576 stitches in lovely, pure, sweet knitting bliss have given way to the lacey border. The last slice of Pi, as it were. I've been agonizing over exactly what would be a suitable edge for the last 40 rows of the shawl and finally decided this evening to go with the Gull border in the book spoken about by Elizabeth Zimmermann herself. It seemed only right to go 'all EZ all the time' for this particular project. Because I chose to go with the simple shawl I didn't go with the garter border but I know that will be really striking and I'm looking forward to seeing photos. I confess to being horrible about that, I will make a knitting choice and when I see someone else's creation I'm likely to stamp my feet and wish I'd gone down that path as well. I've only knitted one row of the Gull pattern and am almost done with the next row of purl stitches (the new Zen), but I can tell you that as sad as it is to give up the comforting knitting for the lace pattern--- after the lace of the MS3 this pattern is cake. CAKE! It is so much slower that I am having to sort of reset my inner compass for the project. The rounds are going so slow in fact that I really don't have an ECD (estimated cast off Date) for the Pi. Just between you and me, I'm ready for it!

Speaking of cake, I broke down and actually ATE a piece of cake at the wedding I worked on Saturday. I've been on the Cake Wagon for quite some time but this cake was from the best bakery in town and when I saw it was chocolate with their heavenly buttercream frosting... well I just had to give in. The slices were just mere slivers of teensy goodness so I didn't feel nearly as bad. The event itself was amazing right down to the Dom Perignon that flowed like a river. Of course, I had a wee glass of that too! :) I almost never eat and absolutely never drink at a wedding but for Dom..... well you just have to make an exception! The bride and groom insisted that the vendors eat and my choice was beef, it turned out that the beef choice was Beef Wellington for heaven's sake and it was so yummy. Personally I think that the flaky exterior knocked off all my resistance for the wedding cake. There is no excuse for the glass of bubbly other than the fact that I puredee wanted it! You know the line from Tom Cruise in "Risky Business" --- "Sometimes you just gotta' say.................." My knitting bag went with me to the wedding Saturday, I had to stay with the car behind the limo at the photo shoot for about 15 minutes or so and had a long wait in the back of the church during the ceremony so I did get about 5 rows done. The wedding coordinator who was working the event was mesmerized by my knitting, by the time the ceremony was over she said that she wants to get out her needles again. Isn't that wonderful? As long as she is not battling with me over the yet to arrive Wollmeise at the Loopy Ewe I consider that a success!

The back to back wedding weekend is behind be an other than walking this morning, mowing the lawn and hopping in the shower I have only three objectives for my day off:
  • Get self to Border's and pick up the new felting mag from Interweave (and any others that are freshly out)
  • Get self to the mall to get a new pair of walking shoes. (You will please note that I listed in order of more importance the trip to Border's above my shoes). I flat wore my shoes out, killed them dead and a nice new pair that might even be more kind to my achilles tendon problem will be a bright spot in the day. NOT as exciting as new knitting fodder but fabulous nonetheless!
  • Knit Knit and more Knit I am not sure if I will pick up the MS3 at all. (At this point I'm so boogerin' far behind it seems pointless to hope for a catch up!) Sadly, as much as this sounds like hours of wonderful knitting, it will end up being far less than I would like.
My walk this morning was exceptional as the weather is still under 70 when I roll out---- ahhhhhhhh how fab! Except for blowing out my shoes, but in the scheme of things it was a small problem. And the best part is that I not only have 2 new knitting podcasts to relish but I'm trying out a new one............... well new to me, KnitCast. I'll report back later! Today as I walked back from the park I listened to the new Knit Picks with Kelley Petkun, one of my favorites (and how I got involved in the Yahoo EZ group to begin with), and it was a good one.


Jenni said...

Your killing me with the picture of that wedding cake! I just love wedding cake!

I am casting off now. I hope my Pi shawl will be big enough.

Renée said...

Wow...that cake really jumps off the screen and makes me think about how far it is to the nearest bakery! LOL

Gotta get an IPOD one of these days. It would be nice to listen to the Podcast without being tied to my computer.

Sheri at The Loopy Ewe said...

New felting mag from Interweave? Now I need to add "Bookstore" to my list, too...