Sunday, July 15, 2007

Brides Love Pi

On a very warm Saturday in St. Louis I did what I almost always do---- have the opportunity to assist a bride at her wedding. Normally I get an opportunity to know the young woman, and have hopefully built a rapport before the Big Day. This past weekend I knew I'd be having a 'bit of a sit' as the bridal party had a long location photography shoot and for at least a few of the stops I'd be sitting in the car parked a bit illegally behind the limousine. Because of the scheduling I packed my Pi Shawl and actually did manage about 4 rows on it's 576 stitches. The photo below is Ashley showing that without a doubt Brides Love Pi.

Wish I were as upbeat about the MS3................. yikes. I don't walk on Sunday morning, it is my down day so I was looking forward to a long leisurely knitting of the lace. Unfortunately I knit and re-knit the same 5 rows this morning so that I am still sitting on row 53. I don't know if it is the opposite zen of the knitting the luxurious Pi vs. the tedious (for me) lace of the MS3 or what.............. but whatever it is tonight I'm not sure if I will ever get that bugger done! The Pi, absolutely, I'm just a few rows away from deciding what lace finale she will get.


Jenni said...

I haven't made it to 576 yet! :( I've been riding my scooter too much on my trip and can't ride and knit at the same time. We are taking it easy today, so I hope to get some done.

I admire you for being a wedding coordinator! That has got to be crazy!

hapagirl said...

Sorry you're not feeling the love for MS3 "slow bee" is becoming a snail...or a slug, I can't decide which. Did you make the frog icon on your sidebar? It's funny!

Looking forward to seeing what you do with the Pi.