Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Hully Gully

Okay, so it is not exactly the Hully Gully, but I am taking a run at the Gull Stitch for the border of my Pi Shawl. So far I have 1 1/2 repeats done for a total of maybe 2 inches. Needless to say the border is going to require more. Much more. Good thing that the shawl is not going to be a stress filled rush job--- even at the end! Yes, there are definitely other lace borders I like a bit better, but I remain comfortable and happy with my decision that this shawl is going to be totally EZ. You will notice that I have one week to finish 'on deadline' and 1.5 repeats of this pattern is not exactly the land speed record. I only wish I could call in knit......... er sick. Instead I stalwartly KNIT ON!

Can you even believe the impact that the Harlot has over the knitting world? It amazes me more every day! Not (please believe me) that I do not simply adore her. I have all of her books and don't miss a blog entry. This woman should be President! Well, except that she is Canadian, that might make a bit of a problem, but I digress. The Harlot rocks the knitting world pure and simple! Because of her comment about the Mystery Stole 3 that Yahoo group's numbers are over 6K, when she commented about KnitPicks they will undoubtedly get a huge bump in numbers (not that they need them). What a wonderful, glorious, marvelous phenomenon! When the wonderful Wendy comments about Nana Sadie Rose's tote bags they fly off her sewing machine, Kelley urges us to knit EZ and over 600 DO, and Amy now has us lusting after Vespa's! Amazing I tell you!!!!!

So here is to the mover's and the shakers of the knitting world------ big and small. Those that are big names and those that are just the knitters next door that we have read and feel connected to. The podcasters and those who's voices are for the moment mysterious. Each and every one of you make my life and the lives of countless other knitters richer, happier, more creative and interesting. To Sheri and Amy, Stephanie, Carrie, Natalie, Kay, Renee, Jenni,Vickie, Wendy and Kelley, Lolly and the rest of you that make me anxious to fire up the laptop day after day. I am inspired more than I can say and even though you make me cast on (and on and on) and spend money on projects that I had not counted on---- I am indebted. Seriously, in more ways than one!
Thank you, gracias, mahalo, Gràsce, merci------ I applaud you all!

I did NOT accomplish my list from the other day, sadly. Border's did not have the new Interweave Felt (boo hoo), but I did get the rest of the list done. Maybe I should just give up the whole list thing after all--- first on my list is to get the Pi finished by the time July wraps up. Please don't remind me how close that day is coming and how crowded my schedule is.

The 'new' KnitCast I was so excited to hear turned out to be the 'teaser blurb' that was featured on Cast-On last episode, the fresh release is scheduled sometime soon. Until then I've listened to all of the new podcasts I subscribe to so other suggestions to expand my list are always appreciated!


dana said...

i am enjoying your blogs and news of the brides. i am loving all the podcasters too, having only just discovered the world of online knitting.

have you tried sharon at she-knits. i didn't recognize the podcast names for all of those you mentioned, but i am certain i soon will. my earbuds are plastered in my ears.

Renée said...

I agree---Stephanie Pearl McPhee is to the knitting world what Oprah is Oprah is!


Jenni said...

I second what Renee said! The knitting blogosphere is amazing isn't it? I haven't really found another hobby out there that has so much of a blog following. There are a few scooter blogs, but nothing like knitting blogs! It's amazing. I guess it started even before the Internet with EZ. She was writing journals about knitting years ago. It must be something about knitters that makes them want to write.

Great post!

KnitNana said...

Tis sooooo true! And I thank you for the mention of Nana Sadie Rose, as well! ;)
We have to be grateful for these knitters who inspire us to knit more and better, with wondrous yarns, and hmmm...I wonder what this is doing to the GNP? Helping the economy is no small thing!