Thursday, December 2, 2010

Beginning to Look a Lot Like--

Hanukkah started last night for my Jewish friends---- hope your blessings are abundant and the love level at your house is at an all time high! Happy Hanukkah!

Around Casita Contessa December has rolled over on the calendar and I've made a BOLD move. Well bold for me. Normally I come up to December 24th huffing and puffing and wondering where the weeks before Christmas went. I'm tired, stressed, cranky and the enjoyment level? Well, not so much!

This year I'm working LESS. I'm devoting time each day to work on projects, craft a little, putter a bit and generally enjoy the season---- even if that means sitting in my chair looking at the Christmas tree and drinking a cup of tea. Hold me to it!! Small cottage this year, small tree with a definite different look "for me".. and lots of little vignettes like the canisters and blue poinsettias in a corner of the kitchen.

Decorations were up before Thanksgiving for the family visit. I have to say, it was fantastic. While I do generally hate to push the season it was delightful to arrive at the weekend after turkey day with it all done. Well almost all done. Part of the happy-happy now is that I might add a thing or two each day, I mean why not?

The happy coral walls in the sewing room look pretty great I think with the vintage inspired blue tree. The whole room makes me smile and I will be spending holiday time in there.

What are YOU doing to increase your joy for the holiday season?

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yoel said...

Yay holiday fun! I think what is missing is a knitted chicken in a santa suit. Just sayin'...