Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Making Happy

When I was a little girl my aunt (now gone) used to threaten my cousin and I when we were misbehaving in the car with the words "If you don't straighten up I'm going to pull this car over and MAKE YOU HAPPY!". I still giggle and my cousin Paula just rolls her eyes.

'Tis the Season, and that is the Happy Season. Right? Not always so around Casa Contessa but as I've shared earlier, I'm making it a goal this year. December 8th and I'm in the Zone.

(The Zone, Above)

Who knew it was as easy to Make Happy as to dig out some card stock, some glue, some glitter and inspiration from Monica over at Happy Zombie? Really, who knew? I had a BLAST yesterday! I gave up work early, headed for the sewing room and it became truly creative. Thanks Monica for sharing your little Gnoma Claus that match your fabulous fabric line------ I finally printed and cut (and felt like a happy kindergarten kid)---- and then I decided to do something I hadn't played with for several years, GLITTER. Oh glitter, where have you been? What came out of the space lit by lights and humming Christmas music was this:

oh good grief, how CUTE are these? Can't get more vintage deco than little wonderfully toned Gnomes, festooned and positively bedecked with glitter---- hanging on tinsel chenille stems---- parading above the kitchen sink. Almost makes dishes fun. (ALMOST, notice that I have not completely lost all sense!)

Makes me smile! Gnoma Claus, hee~ I think I like the blue one best but the red one is great, and the green one is sweet, even the yellow one (who is shy) is quite smashing! These would make really cute gift tags too............. I printed extra. (Winking in smugness!)

Two projects for Christmas are done (yay!) The striped scarf for Blues Hockey (photo to come). Not much to show really, I mean it is a striped. Scarf. I wove in the last end last night at knit group, thought that would go on forever!. And the cabled cap below, for my son's girlfriend. She's a knitter so I know she'll appreciate the cabled goodness and detail like how the cables taper at the rib.

The color is "Lemongrass" (pretty accurate here, straight out of the camera) and the yarn is Classic Wool by Patons. Double stranded and knit on 7's and 8's.

I'm really "in class" on the internet as we speak, aren't Webinars wonderful things? Please don't tell anyone that my eyes have glazed over with the grim boring-ness of it all and working on Happy instead. Instead of taking notes and watching the screen I'm merely listening to the droning sound of blah-blah-blah and pinning apron straps. Little vintage aprons of kitchy holiday fabric------ aprons for the Happy Zone. I wonder if I can glitter them???

How are YOU Making Happy?


happy zombie said...

Making happy - boy I'll say! You've made my day, Tina!! xxoo!

Mereknits said...

Tina, you are so creative. I love the gnomes. And the hat is fantastic, she will definitely appreciate your knitting a special gift.
Have a lovely day,

yoel said...

Holy crappers those gnome santas are so cute!!