Monday, December 20, 2010

Knitting Injury!

Knitting is painful now. I've been on High Knit for a concentrated period of time and find that my right wrist has gone useless on me. Who in the world gets a knitting injury from garter stitch I ask you???? Ridiculous. So taking a day off and trying to give it a little space I switched tasks to other Holiday Necessaries:

I present time in the kitchen. Wearing red and blue Santa apron of course!

Crank up the KitchenAid baby! My favorite (and famous) Spritz recipe. I couldn't imagine Christmas without them! 5 cups of flour and en entire pound of butter as the starring ingredients, how could it be anything other than REALLY good! :)

Next Christmas I REALLY AM going to give my kids a recipe book, put together very professionally thankyouverymuch from their mama. I've been wanting to for such a long time but just haven't made photographing food as it comes out of the kitchen a priority. Now I'm trying to photo everything as well as cook those things that I want to make sure the gang has the recipe for. Some are things I don't cook much anymore so I have to make it an effort. And I will. By this time next year really cool books will have been created, printed, bound and wrapped waiting for the grand reveal.

Long ago I ago I gave up coloring the cookie dough, I prefer it naturally butter colored and to let the sprinkles speak for themselves. The first batch out of the spritz gun were the trees embellished simply with sugars and cinnamons. SO GOOD. I had them for breakfast with a cup of peppermint joe if the truth be told. I think it will help the wrist heal.

And Red Chile Jelly. OMG this is so good. I'm glad the tall skinny less- pretty jar is for MOI! This stuff is amazing. Red serrano's were nowhere to be found, the jelly would have had a prettier less muddy color if I didn't have to sub green chili's. The jelly is sweet and tart and spicy---- incredible! I've already eaten some on a wheat cracker with cream cheese and have slathered it on leftover chicken--- I even had some on English Muffin bread with a layer of scrambled eggs and swiss on the top. I'm obsessed!

Lastly was a big old batch of Pear Apple Butter. A new methodology for me, I used the Crock Pot and it took a total of 8 hours, stopping mid-stream to whir about in the food processor. It's really good as well and will have it's coming out party at Christmas Day brunch, no doubt about it. My jar, separated from gifts going out, is really awful looking. The butter inside? Delish!

A bit of knitting must be accomplished today or I'm going to get in a big ole' jam and I don't mean apple.

Knit on!


Meredith said...

Tina I bet your house smells amazing right now, can I come over for a cup of tea and a chat? By the way I have given myself carpal tunnel several times due to knitting, once my thumbs were so painful I couldn't knit for a month! My son thought it was so funny that I hyrt myself knitting.
Have a wonderful day,

yoel said...

Really in my professional opinion the spritz cookies PLUS chile jam is going to be a better cure for the knitting injury than the tea alone. :)

Make a recipe book for me too!

Elysbeth said...

Slobber slobber drool drool.

Hope the wrist stops twinging.