Monday, December 13, 2010

Boring Hat----- Complimentary Colorway

A hat for my son to compliment the cabled one knit for his girlfriend. Really, nothing special about it---- but it will be great making the trudge from Brooklyn into Manhattan in the cold of winter. Double thick and super warm------- lots of shaping to keep out any puffs of cold air when he decides to take his motorcycle in to work and ignore the subway. The cap is done and after it was wrapped, cute as pie I might add------ and boxed to take to the post office I noted that I forgot the final photo. So it goes.

It always amazes me how great things look in glass cylinders! These favorite black and white ornaments didn't make the cut on the white Christmas tree this year but look great in the dining room!
Even the dress form has a bit of holiday swagger on-----

The mantle is mantled---- the stockings hung-----

Trees just never look as pretty in the daylight----

I'm on track----- it's 4:30 and the unheard of is happening! I'm heading home to put on my flannel jammies, wrap a gift in preparation for a trip to the post office in the morning and get some cute little jelly jars sterilized for the making of some Chile Jam later in the week.


Meredith said...

Your home is looking very festive. I think jammies are the perfect answer to a long hectic and probably very cold day. Have a wonderful day,

jen duncan said...

Well hello, cheerful! Love the crafts, the blog festooning, the knitting and the home decor. Making me feel like quite the schlep here, I must say!