Saturday, December 4, 2010

Super Simple in Progress

You know who doesn't read the blog. This tells me in no small part just how incredibly boring I am.

I'm knitting a very fast scarf==== one to be worn to hockey games, there are others for 'other' uses. This one, Blues all the way.

Sitting alone while youknowwho was sitting AT the game and I was home not feeling all that great, I stole another few moments to knit the garter stitch whizbang simplicity-----

the colors were just right, who knew that there were so few yarns in STLBlues colors anyway? Vanna's Choice is the yarn 99.99999% because the colors were good and I didn't want to spend a zillion on the scarf.

You will undoubtedly see that the Note got skunked that night.

The scarf is almost finished, just a bit more quick rows dashed off here and there and then quite a few ends to weave in.

At the very least it does feel wonderful to have another handmade gift crossed off the list---- or it will soon!

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