Saturday, September 13, 2008

Notes from the Hospital

No photos and certainly no lengthy post............ I'm writing this from Phoenix before I leave for the hospital, day 3. My Mom came through her surgery beautifully, everything looks very good. We never thought that it would be so important to know that life hinges at this point on passing gas for pete's sake! :) She's still NPO and would really like nothing more than the pleasure of a glass of water, much less a cup of rubber hospital jello! Perhaps today will be the day and once that happens the ball will start rolling with the oxygen coming off, the pulse ox gadget coming off of her finger, the catheter being removed and just a bit more general happiness. She was getting downright cranky last night so I take that as a good sign that she has had enough of the hospital and wants to come home, bless her heart! For those of you who are mothers, remember not being able to leave the hospital before telling a nurse that your bowels were moving appropriately? I confess to lying about that at the time and I think for a cup of tea and something to munch on, I'd lie about the gas thing too!

I have not knitted so much for such long lovely stretches of time in ages and ages. Wisteria will, on the next row, begin the bottom section of cabling--- which may be harder in the hospital setting than sailing through the body section. Somehow in my 5 a.m. departure from home I mistakenly tucked Wisteria into my checked suitcase so I had nothing for the plane trip through Atlanta and into Arizona except a book and my iPod. It was TORTURE. Of course I was befuddled when leaving home as well and didn't tuck in the double points for the sleeves when it soon becomes time to pick them up from their resting stubby state (I have decided not to loop them) so I had to dash through Michael's at five minutes to closing last night and pick up a set. I have every hope that I'll be ready for sleeves soon. I bought wooden ones in case they are still in progress when I have to get back on a plane, I can't think of anything worse than having to remove them to live stitches and jet off!

No Jessica Knits yet!!!! Perhaps tomorrow. My brother and his wife are here from LA and before they head back we'll be going to Scottsdale NOT (sadly) for Jessica Knits but for my favorite Mexican restaurant ON THE PLANET, Lupe's in Old Scottsdale. I am quite a fan of their margaritas (sooooooooooooooooooooooo good) and feel that going to my favorite knit shop in the world properly lubricated with tequila would be dangerous to the point of folly! (Is there such a thing?)

Back to the hospital I go, Wisteria in my lovely new knitting bag in tow!


yoel said...

I'm glad your mom's doing well! Yes, GI surgery is all about farting and poop. One of the few Spanish phrases I learned in med school is "Do you have gas below?"

Margarita + yarn store = excellent idea! In fact some of these yarn + coffeeshops should get on the liquor train!

Jenny Girl said...

Thank goodness we are just waiting for gas. Gas does have a proper place in the world.
Glad your mom has come through strong and steady.
No get some alcohol!

jen duncan said...

Hey Tina- You're a good girl. :-) I always say "Mothering never ends" but you just made me realize; being a daughter never does, either.