Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Heading toward Fall. Really.

I've made peace with it, well about as much as this woman with Hawaiian sand in between her toes can possibly make. Fall is coming, and with it will come cooler weather (I steadfastly refuse to believe that even further down the road comes the downright cold, nay buttfreezing weather that makes my head spin). Labor Day weekend is, in my book anyway, the end of summer. Even though the warm (and here humid to the point of almost unbearable) weather prevails, you know for a fact that it won't be long. Making peace with the inevitability of the coming fall *(and winter) is not a bad thing. I am ready to put into place some things that will not so depress and devastate me when the really cold stuff arrives.

The first of which is the effort that Wisteria will be able to be worn from the beginning of the season and not yarn still struggled with when sweater weather is winding down. That is after all my normal operating procedure.

It helps that knitting Wisteria is fascinating!

The photo does not even begin to show it off................. this happens when one is in a rush and has just come in from trying to get the yard mowed before the promised 5 inches of rain arrives. Regardless----- you can see that progress is being made! I'm about to the point where the twisting, intricate, intriguing cables that cascade down from the lattice of cables at the neck get ready to enter that stretch of stockinette. I'm kind of excited to tell the truth! You can't see it's gorgeousness sort of wadded up on the needles as it is, trust me, its a great sweater. (Sitting there in front of my new Green Mountain Knitting Bag that I'm quite in love with).

I'm ready to knitter-up and tell you that I have conquered (thank you very much) the whole reading the chart thing. To be totally honest, I wonder why in the world I fought against them for in the first place. Must have been one of those little cogs in the brain that got stuck there and refused to give up! From stitch one, at the neck edge, the sweater has been a blast to knit, to watch unfurl row by row, and each and every row has been different. A journey of cabling that while fun, has also been less than totally travel worthy. I did NOT take knitting along on the wedding last weekend as I don't have a travel project since cannibalizing the Denise size 8 tips for this project===== hence no knitting bride, sorry about that!

Schedule wise things are insane----- totally nuts. The website(s) that should have gone live on the 1st have not. For a lot of reasons, many of them the fact that there are other things that require my attention as well, none of it housework or cooking. I'm hoping that by Friday the website piece of work will be live and done (yay) and I can move on to the next project. And then the one behind it.

I have realized one very important thing............... I have to make time for ME. And that generally means at this juncture that I need to sit and knit. I could (and have) worked 14 hour days and keep on that schedule for a good long while. Instead I have forced myself to walk away and be something other than She Who is Consumed.

It has worked out pretty well, and Wisteria is coming along.

On a humerous note that I feel somehow compelled to share, I have purchased new brassieres. FOUR of them! In four different colors, it has been a long time. I don't know why it has been such a long time since I've given in to happy bras, must be linked to the reticence to knit from a chart. Perhaps you will remember my efforts to salvage still perfectly good bras with bralerations to shorten straps that were stretched beyond their lifespans. While a good effort in saving money as well as a bit of anti-consumerism------- those bras had sighed their last. I am happy to tell you that comfy (and pretty if the truth be told) undies combined with knitting that is progressing has done a heckuva lot for my mood.

I recommend it highly.


yoel said...

Love how the Wisteria looks so far, and I can't wait to see the cables sort of untwist/unravel as you do the yoke.

The hard part about buying new undergarments is figuring out what to do with the old ones.

Jenni said...

I was thinking..."why does she dread fall? I love fall. And then I remembered that you live in the cold North. Fall is awesome here in TX, but summer is yuck!

But you are right. The dead of winter sucks in all places but Hawaii and AZ (where I grew up).

Virtuous said...

Keep going on Wisteria!!
And definitely carve some time out for YOU!!

jen duncan said...

LOL! It's amazing to me how a)much of a difference it makes to wear a new bra and panties and b) how seldom we go buy them! I don't understand us sometimes.
Your knitting has me green with envy. It's like you're from another galaxy. I *think* I'm crafty and creative, until I see your knitting, and then I'm pond scum.
Keep on carving out time for yourself. You work hard, woman! you deserve it!!
I bet the new websites are AWESOME!

Jenny Girl said...

This looks really cool so far. I'm going to have to look this one up. The yarn looks nice and squishy too :)
Happy knitting!