Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Wisteria and the Lady in White

I'm so glad to have knitting bride back.............. I miss it when my brides don't get a chance to vamp a bit with the sticks!

Sarah is one of my favorites this year, she is adorable, and her wedding day was nothing short of spectacular. Isn't her gown lovely? It was very light and 'floaty', the bodice front waist was wrapped and jeweled, very pretty. I have to say that her new husband is one of the good guys! I love his sweet and respectful spirit, and oooohhhhhhh was he gaga about his bride. It always makes for the very best photos (and some just smokin' hot!)

Wisteria is looking pretty good too if I do say so myself! As of this writing I'm 9 rows short of beginning the waist shaping with the sleeve stubs waiting on pieces of waste yarn.
Look at that mega-watt smile! It's almost like she's getting married or something! :) The location is in front of the Art Museum in St. Louis, called Art Hill.......... actually down at the Grand Basin, you can see the fountains in back of her.

One day to try and finish up loose ends around here before heading off to Phoenix for my Mom's surgery. Thanks a lot to all of you who have sent emails and hugs, I do appreciate it. I'll be without laptop and probably pretty much incommunicado for the next 9 days, then I launch immediately into a wedding. Of course there will be another knitting bride, she's already told me that she's looking forward to it.

I'll be face down in my knitting---- and looking forward to seeing the girls at Jessica Knits as well.


Melissa Morgan-Oakes said...

I love me who are in love with their wives. It's reassuring.

Take care of yourself on your trip. It's easy not to. Trust me, I am the current reigning expert.

Jenny Girl said...

I think I like this bride's dress the best so far. Quite beautiful!
Good thoughts, hugs, and prayers your way. Take care of your self too!

tina said...

Thanks ladies---- I am actually trying to take care of me, I do know it is easy not to. I packed tons of tea and packaged creamer and Splenda so that combined with plenty of knitting, a loaded iPod and cafeteria food on occasion I'm doing great!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

OMG I remember Art Hill.Used to go sledding over there. That brings back some memories!!!