Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hospital in the rear view mirror

Short and sweet:

Mom is home from the hospital after a little chemical intervention in the poop department. I told her to lie about it, that everybody did. She didn't believe me so 8 hours later, when I was ready to jump off the roof, things moved and she was released at 8 p.m. Her nurse said that she is like the only patient to follow the rules that closely. Ack.

So one day to help out at home until flying out early tomorrow morning for a destination wedding. (remember----NON exotic destination!)

Girl dog still very sick and boy dog seems to be tummy sick.

Wisteria about half way through the cable section at the bottom, I'd like to have a sleeve on the dpn's before I head out for the day in the airport(s) tomorrow.

Mostly.................. I just wanna go home.


Melissa Morgan-Oakes said...

My mother lied through her teeth, thank God. She knew better.

Sorry about dogs. When it rains it pours. I never really believed that till lately.

Anonymous said... such things we measure our progress. Hang in there for another day.


hapagirl said...

Glad all is better with your mother. Hope both your dogs get better soon! Will be thinking about you. ((hugs)) from me too.

Virtuous said...

Hang in there Tina!!! Said a quick prayer for you!

jen duncan said...

Boy, it really does all begin and end in the poop dept, huh? Well, pat yourself on the back for being the good daughter that you are, and try to make time to do something fun for yourself while you're catching up with all the have-to's.
xo, jen