Saturday, March 13, 2010

Day Trip to Taos

A day trip, and a great one at that!

The road to Taos, up the low road and down the high road. We'd thought of going up on Thursday but the snow in the area made visibility slim to none--- not to mention the road conditions. So yesterday it was and a more beautiful day could not be possible. Snow on the mountains, not a cloud in the sky, and vistas to delight every sense! We stopped in little towns along the way and arrived in time for lunch and a stroll along the plaza.

Shopping has been fun here and of course the usual suspects had to be purchased, a gorgeous red ristra, an artisan milagro with angel wings, a piece or two of jewelry, and a few gifts for loved ones. But what else does a knitter do on vacay?

Yes indeed! A big fat gorgeous chunk of yarn (660 yards!!!) of locally produced hand spun Blue Faced Leicester, hand dyed in the golds and yellows that make me think of this part of the country. Yum-my!

When I saw the cute sign for The Yarn Shop in Taos, I had to go in and was so happy I did! The shop dog Rocky is a Chinese Crested Powderpuff like my beloved babies here at the Casita (who can think of a trip without their best friends and loved ones???)--- he was darling. Lori the owner was delightful------ and she turned me on to the locally produced yarn as well as the pattern below to turn the soft golden yarny goodness into a beautiful shawl with a 6 ft. wingspan that was the 'official shawl of the 2009 Red River Retreat'. The designer is Gudy Klawer and I can't find the"Come Along Shawl" or the designer on Ravelry, sadly.


With a half of my second blue striped sock to go I can't wait to begin this gorgeous creation. Because of the long arms of this wrap, the long skinny supple ends also make this rather scarfy!

Off to enjoy the day, my tea is gone, the sun is up and magnificent--------- I just can't bear the thought of leaving in a couple of days!


Robyn said...

hop on over to La Lana yarns on the main street-it's fabulous- local and handspun

yoel said...

Isn't that yarn shop great? That golden cake of yarn looks so yummy!

sarah said...

I was just in Taos last week! I was googling Gudy and her yarn to see if I could get it any where closer too me! Bought that same BFL yarn but in a different color and am working on that shawl right now. :-)