Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Feather Dogster & Cross Training

The Feather Duster Shawl in salmon pink worsted weight? Not so much. I didn't like the chunk of it! If I'm going to have a chunkier shawl for my money it should be simpler, the lace just wasn't nearly as, well, lacy In the name of full disclosure I had crazy moments with the lace repeat (which was marked) but it made my brain wrinkle! As I didn't have Emily or Yo-El's fine brains to pick, the best course of action was to just stop. Continuing the struggle when it didn't make my heart sing seemed silly. So............ I was frogging it back and got almost to the end of the first chart and had a thought~!

Feather Dogster!!!!!!!!!! I did some reduction via k2tog's and added neck ribbing, then knit a garter belly band. Because of the triangular shape of the shawl it got wider faster than little girl dog so I took two of the motifs, tucked them up with some stitching and made angel wings.

It is dang cute I'm just sayin!!!! From Feather Duster to Feather Dogster!!!!! Isn't little girl dog rockin' it???


In the midst of culture, food, scenery and architecture we happened along one of the all time great sights in the world! The Oscar Meyer WeinerMobile!!!!!!!! When asked if I wanted my picture taken with it, there was no hesitation. Probably not my favorite vacay photo or moment but PUHLEEZE, it is a very good thing!

Lastly comes the Cross Training----aka, Must a Girl Knit Exclusively???

A very, very, very, (and VERY) long in the works hand applique project. It is from a mondo big quilt kit by the amazing Robyn Pandolph. This one is Botanika and it has languished for years. I still absolutely love it, right down to every extraordinarily labor intensive detail. I have 3 blocks finished at home (and they've been done for the same years!) and got two blocks prepped to bring along. The tracing, the cutting the glue dotting, the drudge of the prep is almost enough to make a girl crazy. At this point the vase is complete and I'm working on the stems. The zillion leaves will take forever. I may never get this project finished, and indeed it may go from a giant bed quilt to a wall piece (or two). It has been fun to do some applique work again!

3 inches of snow in Santa Fe last night, it is lovely! Not my perfect plan for vacay to be sure but the snow shots in the Plaza should be gorgeous.
As I have discoverd, green chili cures all!

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yoel said...

Feather Dogster is perfect for Girl Dog!