Friday, March 26, 2010

Home. Tired.

I've been home for 2 days after splitting a long drive in half. Denver meant a quick escape to stay in front of the snow, which we did.

Now at home I'm just beat! After unpacking, laundry and a quick run through cleaning (how does that much dust and dirt accumulate?) I've been re-inventing. My daughter is still living here and may well be for awhile so it was necessary to move all of my things out of her room, in other words relocate the sewing room/creative space. It's not the perfect solution by a long stretch---- but sometimes flexibility rules. I've spent time moving the 'guts' of the room, cleaning, organizing and putting away the flotsam that has landed elsewhere since my daughter moved in.

I'm hopefully optomistic!

The photo above? Looking down on my feet while hiking a 'moderate' trail in Zion. I'll be better shod on the return trip and a seriously crazy trail. I love the pic, it says to me that we're heading down a new path, with fresh fire.

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