Monday, March 29, 2010

Change of Season.......

Change of creative season that is.....

New things to do, new vistas to explore............. it is the Season of the Squirrel!

Season of the Squirrel????

Yup. A combination of thrifty stash-busting, and tucking small items away, some gifty some not.

My stash is small, single balls here and there-- mostly utilitarian, a few luxe. I've added 2 (okay almost 2) new pairs of socks to the drawer and all of the gloves and mittens are the stuff of ragamuffins. Gift giving always sneaks up on me and I find myself rushed or unable to complete things I'd like to give.

So the Season of the Squirrel is (for me) a season to knit some smaller projects that will be squirreled away for future use. As all best laid plans, we shall see how it goes. There is a happy collection of plans for mittens, gloves, socks, scarves, etc. It feels very satisfying to make plans for the season, useful and thrifty---- definitely the order of the day!

I'm still happily knitting (although with not the vacation time) on the gorgeous golden shawl, and that last single sock of the second pair may well be slower to come off the needles--- but it will get done. Of course I still have plans to frog the boat cover (big ole' aran cardigan) and start anew but that is down the road a bit I think.

After finally pulling photos out of the camera I have a final shot of the first down and dirty socks finished....

Not much special about them but they will serve me well. Happily the sock wearing weather is coming to a rapid end. With forecasted temps in the high 70's to low 80's this week (depending on who you listen to) sandals and painted toes are the order of the day.

What do YOU like to squirrel away? Any squirrely plans of your own?


Anonymous said...

I've already laid plans for squirrel activity. I want to make some intarsia patriotic potholders for my ultra right wing bro and even righter wife. Then berets for nieces. Also, lacy cotton wash cloths, decorative for both liberal and conservy sibling bathrooms. Finally, lots of crap for self, who after all thoroughly appreciates my knitting.


jen duncan said...

Hi Tina! I apparently squirrel away little quarter and half yard pieces of japanese novelty fabrics BUT I got an idea yesterday for how I might like to use some and started last night. Guess I just need to hoard and pet them for a while, then I'm okay with letting them go. :-)