Friday, July 24, 2009

That Saturday Knitting Thing

By now everyone knows where to find me on most given Saturdays, knitting in tow and wrangling brides. Even my brides know I'll have my knitting and they need to pony up, be bloody cheerful about it and strut their stuff. It matters of course very little if they knit or not. As you know, most don't [quite sadly enough].

Last weeks bride who is cleverly modeling the first Lexical front, now off the needles and waiting it's companion side is close friends with an earlier bride. That earlier bride was boffo when it came to being one who knits in white.

See? I told you, she was brilliant! She told her friend about being the KB (and who would not I ask you???) and threw down the gauntlet, or sticks as they might be.

So Bride B (who is adorable and I love her) had her turn. Image 1 shows her at one of the local city parks here that just opened downtown. The locations were not the same so I'm not sure if you can even judge fairly.

The location she picked to model Lexical was next to this crazy iron bird wearing shoes (loved it)--- and in the next series of pics she carried on a birdly knit conversation.

The bird seems unimpressed. Her dress is lovely isn't it? The beading was gorgeous on the bodice!

Exhibit A above. Lovely!

We wrapped up the KB photos with this one, a little on the odd side but it's all good and as always I appreciate the fact that my brides love me and cooperate with this now longstanding Knitting Contessa tradition.

I'm not sure it is fair at all to judge or make comparisons with her friend------- no winners will be declared nor chosen. But still.................... what do you think?

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Anonymous said...

As my 6 y.o. niece would say "I think they are equally as gorgeous" Which is true. I love the rainbow, but I also love the chat with the bird that is wearing shoes. Adorable. Gotta love fun brides!