Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Plot Thickens

On a recent foray scouting dress forms (that I want REALLY badly)---- I went to one of the sewing chains "super stores". Dress forms were on sale, I'd heard the store was fab, and I happened to need to replenish my zipper supply. It took me 35 minutes to drive there and at the other end of the strip was an office supply store as well. As always, this company runs on ink and we'd run out so I ran in there first. The electricity spluttered and sputtered----- and with a bzzzaaapppppp, was gone. Dangit. Luckily I had cash on me (which never happens) and I paid for my ink cartridge and got a hand written receipt and headed off for the fabric store. An employee at the office store assured me that because they were on the 'new' end of the mall that they would not be affected.

He was wrong. They were without power and not allowing customers inside the store. Not wanting to throw away 35 minutes of time and fuel I decided to wait it out. Besides, I could HEAR the on sale dress forms inside calling my name. I cleaned out my purse. I made a couple of phone calls, I organized my files going to the studio. All in all I waited about 15 minutes, not too bad. Then the doors opened, yay.

Sadly this particular store is super only in the way that it has more crap than a normal sized store. More super square footage of super crap I don't need or want. Besides zippers, they had those in every size and color I needed.

The dress forms? Only in size small. I am not a size small. AND they were not even a good color. I would like my dress form to look nice when standing in the corner waiting on me.

They were having a bang up sale on buttons, and I bought quite a few. I need buttons for Lexical and had been in a real quandary. That cardigan is dressier than some but I didn't want the buttons to be too-too. I'd tried out quite a few and they always left me lacking. It is almost time to be knitting my buttonholes so the clock had run out. I was delighted to find the offerings above. One on sale and the other on clearance. While I love the plain braid detail buttons they were too plain agains the black knitted fabric. The other button is fabulous------ dressy enough while keeping it contemporary and stylish. Love them!

The stack of fabric grows on the shelf, waiting for the moment to come to put garments together. See the gold yarn that I thought might not be the right shade? Upon further consideration, seeing it play with it's friends, I think it might be wonderful. Could be a boxy vest in my future...............

And to thicken the plot I bought patterns today from Vogue. Three of them, my favorite is pictured above, I'm crazy about the pants, very contemporary and sort of M*iyake inspired. I think they will be flattering and I love the layered top as well. I'll make the first pair in charcoal gray ponte........................ or so I think at this point.

The hot weather has returned so thoughts of fall are once again sort of pushed to the background. Sigh.


yoel said...

Arg! I wish you had told me about a dress form sale! I feel like if I had a dress form I'd sew more. Plus they're always god company.

7-letter Deborah, never a Deb said...

Have you considered making a duct tape double? Cost is only about $20 and it's actually you, not some standard mannequin. You could use colored duct tape to make it pretty :) I love mine.

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Very cute pants. Your so stylish! lol
Have ya checked antique stores for a dress form?? Just a thought. What about Craig's list???