Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Color Board Work: Fall 2009

I don't know whether it is the cooler (decidedly un-summer like) temps of late or the fact that I have not been knitting summer but FALL------ I'm thinking fall forward.

The work has begun in earnest on the color board for Fall 2009, a task I always enjoy. I have been known to totally ignore my color hopes as well but this year I'm carefully planning and think I have found a palette that I not only like a lot but that looks good on me and works well with what I currently have.

Purple------ notice please the NEW Eggplant yarn from Webs, their delicious Northhampton Bulky that will become (I think) another Nimbus.
Black-------- gotta have basic black
Merlot-------- as in my current and waiting Nimbus
Charcoal gray-yummy, classic and wonderful
and the spark?
Goldenrod----- I found this soft scarf last week and thought it might be a great catalyst to make all of the colors pop and it does! And, I found the coolest pin EVER that will tie it all together!

Making a color board is lots of fun. I find accurate swatches of fabric (you can get freebies from the fabric store if you are not a sewer) or you can go to the paint store and use nice big color chips. Either are then mounted on a piece of foam core (or whatever you like, I just find poster board a bit flimsy). I also cut out styles I love, jewelry that looks great, pics of shoes, accessories, etc. I already have a few things I've pulled out of catalogs and magazines and have a dress in a cool boule shape that is calling to me from the B*urda pattern book! Arrange it and hang it somewhere you will see it as you think about fashion to come. When I'm done with my board I photograph it and have it printed as a 5x7 and tuck that into my handy dandy little ideas folder that travels with me.

Perhaps it is all just a crazy notion but having a board does help you shop smarter when it comes to anything new. For me, I know what colors I'm working towards. While my color board is not done yet (It usually doesn't finish until that nice big fat Fall issue of V*ogue is out) I'm in the process. I'll be less apt to just grab something that appeals on a whim if it doesn't fit into the current story. Knitting wise it is great to know that you are knitting for something that will be worn a lot because it works well with what you'll be wearing. Remind me of this when I must have something chartreuse!

Are you thinking about the coming fall and making knitterly plans?

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