Tuesday, June 2, 2009

All Lincoln, All the Time

Last Weekend (before the flurry of working on projects) was a no wedding weekend. Just about perfect especially as brides have been difficult lately. We took the day off on Friday as well (just splurge I say) and took a Road Trip to nearby S*pringfield I*llinois. Home of A*braham L*incoln, his home, tomb, museum and Presidential Library. Just under 2 hours on the road, a glorious finally sunny day, some knitting in tow and we're off.

Not only is this town all about Abe but as the state capitol is a very nice town. I'm not sure if they'd make as big of a splash without the tourism but it was nice regardless.

The Old Capital looks familiar if you have followed the news in the past year. Our current President gave speeches (acceptance and otherwise) from here.

A life-sized statue of L*incoln in front of the old train station. What a great area with beautiful flowers and lots of interesting things to look at.

These "hats" are all over town featuring different designs. We just loved this one! O*bama and L*incoln all the way around it!

Not enough time to go through the museum today, next time for sure! It was enormous!

There are lots of great life-sized statues around S*pringfield, this one of the family.

When it was time for lunch we walked around looking for something to eat at any number of great looking places. While the sign was amusing, I did not have the Recession Sandwich but opted for the chicken salad which seems to be near cultish in this town for some reason.

The area where the L*incoln home is a short walk from the main area of town. Four blocks that are not open to traffic and where all of the homes are restored to the time of Abe and his family.

That is one of the tour guides in period costume walking through the historic district.

A recognizable shot to history buffs, the family home of A*braham L*incoln, one of the largest in the area and very nice as well as beautifully restored.

I loved the wagon inside the historic area, it really made you feel as if you'd landed back in time.

Hey! I'd know that hat anywhere! Not the "real" stovepipe so they say but looked cool anyway.

The living room was........................... loud and energetic! ;)

The 'valances' were absolutely over the top. Kind of surprised me if the truth be told!

Just when I started thinking that Mr. L*incoln might not be as down to earth as I'd believed there was something that kind of turned my mind around!

LOVED that carpetbag, you could tote some great knitting in there!

The fact that Mrs. L*incoln was a seamstress was all over the house, I loved it! The photo shows some of her sewing supplies next to an actual bonnet she was working on. There were several vignettes of sewing throughout the house and in her bedroom. I rather loved the fact that they had separate bedrooms as well!

The tomb, about 10 minutes drive from the center of town, was AMAZING! I have never seen a presidential burial place quite so wow! All of the family are buried here except a son buried at Arlington. You can go inside the tomb where there are a number of L*incoln statues displayed.

It was a great trip, very enjoyable. I do love the summer road trips! Next time I might knit more than my obligatory 4 rows!


Melissa Morgan-Oakes said...

I think I want to visit Springfield now...

Anonymous said...

thanks, I enjoyed your tour.

General Grant's home in Galena, IL features a similarly-decorated living room. At least they aren't gold and avocado. :-)