Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Gravy, the house is trashed---- I think I'd be happy enough to eat Easter dinner OUT, but friends gather! Thankfully they help haul a box down the stairs. All upholstered pieces are gone and an air bed is on the floor for sitting (sigh), the dining room table left yesterday. We'll be eating at the kitchen counter and at the 'little' table, and nothing traditional at that.

St. Louis is known for it's Pork Steak. If you don't know it, think ribs and chops and t bones all kind of rolled into one. A nice sticky bbq sauce on the grill, some cole slaw and potato salad, some baked beans come from this kitchen. Coming to join the table are some home baked rolls and deviled eggs, and some cupcakes to help me celebrate the day after my birthday.

It is Easter in any form, and a day to remember egg hunts from years past, nights up late making all sorts of Easter finery, and to be grateful for the present.

Happy Easter!

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Virtuous said...

No matter how you spend, who you spend it with or what you do

Happy Resurrection Sunday!!