Thursday, April 9, 2009

Chicken Heads, Rain & Angels

The chicken is no longer headless, yay! She needs to be stuffed and then kitchenered together and then the fiddly bits like the tail feathers and the wattle need to be knit. I have been packing (and packing) and hauling and boxing and taping and tossing and trying to keep some sort of order in a home that has pure and simple lost it. The kitch and fiddlies will have to wait until I have a little bit of oom left in my oom pa pa. Or something like it.

Is it spring? I am sick to pieces of the rain rain rain and chilly temps. Understandably it will make the flowers pop but it will also wash away the pretty blooms on the trees. The tender plants and buds were covered up for a freeze warning just the day before last, surely spring and temperatures that are warm and lovely can't be far away?

On the angel front, that is my niece's car. She was on her way to work and while going through an intersection was plowed into by a dairy truck who ran the red light. Thank heavens her angels were on duty and she got out just fine. The police who answered the call said they were shocked she made it out with no serious injury.

Yet another reminder, life is fragile------- loving respect and kindness to all should be the order of our days.


Anonymous said...

Praise God your niece is fine. Cars can be replaced.

Glad you're dealing with the move, not I. Good luck with it all!

PamKittyMorning said...



chi ken.