Monday, February 23, 2009

Knitting Little Gold Men

Oscars, I love them! :) Not so much all the movies (I think I am the only person in the world who is not a huge S*lumdog fan)--- but the Red Carpet festivities are so fab!!! Did you SEE that vintage gown from Balmain that P*enelope C*ruz wore????? Gorgeous!!!! Total glam, total wow!

The most fun was knitting in my (vintage) jammies and reading along with the live Oscar blog event over at Kay and Ann's place! Mason Dixon, you charmed me yet again! :) If you did not participate in the fun, head on over and read the transcript, many giggles to be had!

Bryan Crowe / A.M.P.A.S.

Sorry, I thought M*iley looked like Disco Lettuce. She makes me crazy anyway, perhaps that did color my overall impression.

Pass the M&M's........... maybe some honey roast peanuts?????? Dinner was roast chicken, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, a perfect dinner for a fun evening.

The evenings omg moment for me? Easy----------- G*oldie Hawn during the group presentation of the best supporting actress. I looked everywhere for a photo but I think perhaps the papp decided that it was too scary. Personally the reason she had on a dress that her boobs threatened to jump out of at any moment was that it was like watching a train wreck, you could not take your eyes off the boobs! Stay in there, please, do NOT make me look!!! EEEEEEK. And this was her brilliant subterfuge, brilliant I tell you. When you stared at her scary cleavage you did not notice that she was totally plastic in the face. I am once again asking (no begging) you to keep me aging at least somewhat naturally. T*ilda Swinton did have on a shiny potato sack but at least she didnt look like the Bride of Frankenstein for heaven's sake!!!! (Not that she was remotely attractive or anything).

I'm totally bummed that S*lumdog won over Button or M*ilk. Sigh. I did applaud wildly for S*ean P*enn winning----- he was so fabulous as M*ilk.

Knitting. Ah, did I mention I knitted? I'm about ready to castoff one half of the fronts of my cardi---yay! While planning some car knitting coming up this weekend I'm thinking maybe I'll cast on for the other front instead of wrestling with two hunks of yarn for the two sleeves! But who knows.......... As I told the Sunday afternoon knitting girls, I'm still really enjoying the knitting of Alexi, after what seems like a zillion stitches and cables and diamonds and that endless seed stitch. Always a good thing when you still have two sleeves, one remaining front and the fiddly bits to attend to. As I told Robyn today, we shall not speak of the felted bag laying silent and accusing in the closet.

Maybe I'll knit a copy of that Ballenciaga gown! :)


Unknown said...

I love the Oscars. It's the best night of the year. I had to work but through the magic of DVR I'm rewatching it today. P.C. looked AMAZING!!!

Unknown said...

hahahahaha. disco lettuce is the best description.

as for boobs, i was worrying for sarah jessica parker too. i like tilda swinton - i think she's very avant, but i can also "see" the potato sack POV. i didn't really have a fave this year but had ALOT of fun critiquing!