Thursday, February 5, 2009

Is it time to EAT?

Thanks Lisa, for sending over a photo that warms my heart (and makes my tummy growl!).
Nothing like a big ole' plate of scrambled eggs, Portugese sausage and two scoop rice to make a girl set to rights! From the BK on Kauai comes the shot above. I'm still giggling. And still hungry. For the record, yes any of those food items are not likely to be a good choice in reality, but they SOUND good............ health must be right around the corner.

I managed to knit for a couple of lovely hours last night---- and I'm hungry! I think I may live after all. Way too much work to catch up on and a big wedding show this weekend. Thankfully it is supposed to be at least 50 today so things are (for the moment) looking up. And the back of the cardi?????? Almost ready to bind off! Less than one more repeat of the diamond, things are looking up. You have no idea how I long to bring you a photo of empty needles, ready to cast on for the right front, the left front, or the sleeves. Something other than the back.

Get Knittin'!!

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Kim said...

It does look good... in a foreign fast food way! Just found your blog a few days ago and I have enjoyed looking an back posts.