Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday Musings

We all seek peace from the crazy stuff 'out there'--- and as creative sorts I believe we're one step ahead of the game when we understand that in some fashion it does come from within us. We nurture that grain of quiet and peace when we knit, or quilt, or do something that is usually the work of our hands. In today's "Daily OM" I found an interesting bit that felt right to me........ and I share below:

"In our noisy world, we often find ourselves longing for peace and searching to find it somewhere else. While it’s true that there are places we can visit where we can experience peace, such as sacred sites or buildings, we do not need to wait until we get to one of these places to feel at peace. Instead, we can learn to locate the seed of peace inside ourselves and cultivate it so that it grows into a reliable source of serenity that we can always access, no matter where we are.

We experience peace when we are in a state of mental calm and serenity. It might surprise you to notice how infrequently you allow yourself to be free from anxiety. Realizing this is the first step to inner peace. If you wait until all the details of your life are taken care of to allow yourself to experience peace, you will never feel peaceful because there is always something that your mind can grab onto to create anxiety. It is important to consciously set aside your worries and make time to cultivate inner peace.

Ideally, you could schedule time each day to meditate on peace and experience what it feels like to be calm and serene. It takes practice to learn how to let go of your worries, so give yourself some time. Inhale deeply, and feel your worries dissolve with every exhale. Remind yourself that soon enough you will be able to take care of everything you need to, but right now you are taking a break. As the clutter of your thoughts and concerns clear away, you will start to feel more serene. Allow yourself to move deeper into this state with each inhale. Realize that you have the power to free yourself from anxiety simply by deciding to do so. The more you practice feeling peaceful, the easier it will be for you to feel at peace."

Despite the sad family news I do have my first vacation in years coming up in about a week so I'm working hard to try to pull even and maybe even a little bit ahead. It is an exercize in futility that I seem determined to continue in hopes of winning. Hope does spring eternal. The cardi has moved along a bit and is most yummy. I hope to have both of the sleeves cast on for the drive to vacay land. That will leave me with the remaining front which is a lovely stretch of knitting no matter the added length.

She is coming along----- indeed.

The quilt top sans borders was put together the other day and I show it to you here, with the dogs of course. They feel the need to be in every photograph and were miffed when I picked the quilt top off the floor!

Thanks so much for the comments and emails I've received about my brother, I so appreciate you all! He is at home now which is a blessing in and of itself, my Mom is there with him and family will trickle in over the course of time.

Get Knittin'! Get Quiltin'! Make your Peace!


Mereknits said...

I am new to your blog, which is lovely. So sorry to hear about your brother. I am sure everyone in blogland will send him positive healing thoughts. Love your quilt and sweater.

Unknown said...

adorable dogs and awesome quilt top.

Anonymous said...

I love that quilt top!