Monday, February 9, 2009

Countdown Begins at 19

My flu has morphed into the mother of all colds. I have no voice. None. Those around me perhaps consider this a good thing, harumph.

Another wedding show has been signed sealed and delivered leaving me once again to believe with all my heart that in most cases either the bride or the mother of the bride is certifiable. One or the other, I'm not kidding. When they are both off the beam we're booked for their date, no room for possible future insanity thankyouverymuch.

Today we change internet and cable tv providers at home. Such delight, such upheaval. Although I do love my creature comforts I'll confess to missing the simple things as well when faced with the necessity of changing all log in's and details as well as notifying those in my email address book that I've departed the fix.

Knitting? Not much, a row here and there. I had an hour and a half break at the wedding show yesterday and hoped to knock back a row or two but found myself engaged in lively conversation over coffee instead. As knitting is often a solitary sport I enjoyed the banter.

Quilting? Sort of----- The quilt top is pinned and ready to be set together. I have discovered that in order to make this big enough for my queen bed (with enough drop for the fattie mattress and height of the bed) I'll need another couple rows of some kind of border. I need the top together so I can make a trek to the fabric store. NOT a bad thing I assure you.

The week starts with a tremendous bang, a whir and a flurry. I need more K*leenex.

Nineteen (count 'em, 19!!!) days until vacation. I. Can't. Wait.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, dear. I had hoped that today would find you well. (I know, you had, too.) Do take care of yourself, lots of fluids, yada, yada. I think most adults know the drill, they just don't make themselves the priority.