Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Katie Knit Saigon

Knit Saigon?

Ummmmmmmmm yeah! Actually the knitting bride has nothing to do with Saigon, last night was all about Saigon, M*iss Saigon that is. But now the post is quite muddled!

That's Katie, above. A Pretty Little Knitting Bride.

She's holding the re-knit of Liesl, which should by all accounts be at least twice as big as it is above---- owing to the fact that I started again from scratch in a smaller gauge.

I'll comment on her veil------ pretty as can be, although in a far less than 'trendy' style this year. Her Mom made it and did an exceptional job. I've seen purchased (and pricey) veils that are miles short of this well constructed. Another non-knitting bride, sigh.

Now, Saigon? Yes! Last night under the most delightful of weather conditions (breezy and super cool) we went to the M*uny for M*iss Saigon. The M*uny is the nations oldest and largest outdoor theater. It is a very large venue, plans were set in motion in 1904 when the World's Fair was in St. Louis. Construction began in 1917 and what remains today is a beautiful area of the park where the complex calls home.

I'd been a little concerned about the weather, c'mon outdoor theater at the end of July? In past M*uny seasons I've sweated my everlovin' off in the name of theater! That fact notwithstanding, I love M*iss Saigon, it is one of my favorite plays of all time--- so tickets were purchased and fingers were crossed. The evening could not have been more glorious, so with the prelude of sushi eated at an sidewalk restaurant in the West End, a beautiful night was in store. The cast? Simply fantastic! I was a little concerned for one of the (I think) pivotal scenes where Saigon is falling, the Marines and citizens of Saigon alike are in turmoil and everyone is trying to get OUT while the giant helicopter buzzes overhead. The M*uny did not disappoint----- the scene ended with a helicopter (and full surround sound) coming from the back of the stage area flying overhead to the rear of the M*uny. Perfection! How many times can you attend a performance of Miss Saigon where a REAL helicopter flies over the audience? Only here I understand!

And, not a stitch was knit although a late lunch with knit group alums RMS, Yoel and Silvana provided knit TALK. I think that might count!

The Great Summer Escape draws near..................... only two more days of hard work until the car, the dogs and 5.5 hours on the open road call my name. A weekend of 'away', the thought intoxicating to this tired gal.


Anonymous said...

I've always wondered if your knitting brides select that picture for their albums, or if it's a shot that only appears in your gallery.

Melissa Morgan-Oakes said...

I like that veil. Very mantilla-esque

yoel said...

I think talking about knitting, blogging, and rooting aroundon ravelry, should all count for knitting time!

Jenni said...

her veil is beautiful! It was the first thing i noticed when I pulled up your site.