Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thah' Pressha'

Way too much pressure, it feels as if it is verging on performance anxiety! Do those of us who keep a blog feel compelled to crank out finished items? Whether we knit, crochet, quilt or some other creative endeavor------ does our blog push us? Good question, yes? What do you think?

Lately I feel like------------ crap, I need to go sit and knit even though I don't have time or want to do something else entirely because if I don't, someone will ask about it. Or someone will comment that it is taking a long time for xyz, 0r worse-------- what happens when you abandon a project you've blogged about and flickr'd over and maybe even had on your Ravelry queue?

Since I'm quite fully submerged in brides this week I'll close with flowers. They were gorgeous last week, a bottom row of orchids with a touch of purple, a row of tight white carnations, a row of white freesia, and the top crown of white ranunculus. Fragrant and beautiful.

No pressure there!


Anonymous said...

I've felt that way too at times, but then I remember that my readers are reading a bunch of other blogs and probably don't remember what my projects are. They weigh heavily in your mind, but probably no one else notices. Relax and do what you want!

Virtuous said...

I absolutely agree with Melissa!

Don't worry about it all! We all over here trying to get things off the needles!

Don't put any more undue pressure on yourself!

Enjoy the weddings!

Jenni said...

I do feel pressured by bloggy land sometimes too. But...don't sweat it. We will both knit nothing together!

yoel said...

What pressure?!? I thought you finished those MFing socks! So you're off the hook, and can sit back and enjoy the flowers. :)

Liz said...

I actually like the amount of pressure I get from having a knitting blog. Needing content for my blog is a great way to get me away from doing other crap, and into doing more knitting.

The only time i've ever experienced anything negative is a bit of guilt. For example, I have a WIP on ravelry, that I've blogged about, and has faves, and I've frogged it and started knitting something else with the yarn. I feel guilty about abandoning this project.

What makes it silly is what Virtuous said; your readers probably aren't going to notice a lack of content, but will be delighted when you have something to show. So don't beel bad when you don't have anything to show, but feel great when you do!