Friday, July 25, 2008

Liesl Progress

First things first------- no, my knitting brides do NOT choose their photos adorably knitting for their proofs or their albums. Actually, they never show up anywhere other than in my collection and I'm terribly grateful that they happily pose for my knitting pics!

And I do have a bit (albeit a tiny bit) of knitting to show. Liesl is coming along! I'm knitting down the torso towards the finish line---- the joy of cap sleeves and top down construction! What a delight Liesl is, I've always loved feather and fan--- fun to knit and fun to watch progress. The only problem was that as much as I tried--- -and no matter how many updates I received on the pattern, the sleeves did not line up as the pattern directed, it just didn't make sense. Once I just did what was intuitively right the cap sleeves lined up and cast off and the body of the sweater marched along nicely.

It is probably one of the worst blog photos ever, and if an award were given away for such a thing I might well be the winner. I apologize. I did want you to see that there IS progress, even though it looks to be a pink blobby thing. With any luck there will be finished object photos soon! And before one of you smarty pants Blitters comments, yes, I do realize that to me SOON as it relates to a knitted project completed is a relative thing!

I have a feather and fan dishcloth pattern tucked away and was going to make several with some handmade soaps for Christmas this year. I think by the time I finish Liesl I might be ready to move away from that lace pattern for awhile!


Jenni said...

I see your Denise needle there! I love those things. I just wish they came in sizes smaller that a 5!

yoel said...

Oh poopy. I can't believe none of the brides have chosen the knitting picture! We will need to marry off some of the knitters in our knitting group to correct this!