Thursday, July 3, 2008

Gratuitous Photos

July Staff Meeting! How about a July staff meeting in the kitchen?

It all starts with food of course. Can you think of one meeting that doesn't? Well, not a good meeting that you would really look forward to or anything! At least I wouldn't!

If it is summer it is BLUEBERRIES!!!!!!!!!! How delightful are they anyway? I'm insane about blueberries and I (perhaps crazily) volunteered to host the meeting. And cook. Seriously. So you have blueberries and hungry staff.....................

You knew what I was going to say, yes? Blueberry Pancakes. Get serious, how fabulous are they anyway? With a big ole' pat of butter and some maple cinnamon syrup? No wonder they love me.............. and they better!

They were delicious!!!!

On a separate note, most of you know I write and so I sit for long stretches in front of the computer noodling, fidgeting, brow furrowed and sometimes a little zooney. I can't knit 'on the job'.......... I've tried. I've also tried to have an English Paper Piecing project at hand for a few quick hand stitches when I'm in the Work Zone. No dice. My mind doesn't behave appropriately. That is why I Second Life, and love it. This morning I moved from my old log cabin to a new and fabulous location. I had been there all of five minutes when I met a fellow Ravelry Knitter! How cool is that? The new spot will be just the ticket for working things through my brain as I sit here 'working'.


Jenny Girl said...

Mmmm...pancakes! Jealous!
Beautiful kitchen, btw.

Virtuous said...

Gurl those pancakes look so yummy!!

yoel said...

I am insanely jealous of your stove! Oh, to have a gas stove that's all shiny and beautiful!