Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Sporty Little Knitting Bride

My knitting bride last weekend was a hoot and a half. I have seen some people holding knitting needles that looked, well, odd. Little Miss Thang just looked totally lost, cracked me up! She is clutching those circs like, well I don't know what! In case you are not a St. Louis native you might not notice that she is standing in front of Busch Stadium, home of the Cardinals. (I think it must be about time for another foray to the park to see a game because those boys are playin' some ball!)

You see, she is a Major Jock. A softball coach by trade, and a State Champ to boot, I am not sure she even knows the first thing about knitting. But being a great sport she was more than happy to work a shot with the needles.

She's holding the almost no progress Pi Are Square.............. I still love it to bits, there has just been no time to work on it much. And of course the shawl has had to contend with my major flirtation with Liesl!

Back to the bride, when we arrived at the church before she got dressed I had to laugh---- THAT was my natural bride! She had her hair done all foofy and pretty with the veil neatly pinned in. Below the well made up face was quite the outfit, a tank top with "bride" in sequins and an old ratty pair of track shorts. It was SO her! Well, except for the ivory satin pumps and all......... she was trying to scuff them up before her trip down the aisle. It would have been wonderful to have seen her marry in that outfit! The dress she chose however was very much her.............. all smooth satin and clean and simple lines. Even bustled up the dress was just one leading line, no fluffy stretch of fabric. With the exception of the chic and easy bow at the bodice there was no ornamentation at all. Perfection! I do so love it when a bride follows their heart and dresses in a way that speaks to them.

The detail on the dress was perfect for her--------- just that slim belted sash about 3 shades darker than the satin of her dress. No crazy foofiness for her--- and it worked. I was especially taken by the way the dress was cut. Can you see how the side of the bodice dips down to meet the back? There is a gentle curve there, not just a straight line of fabric. The result was a dress that not only fit beautifully, but was so graceful when seen from all angles.

And I'd be remiss if I didn't share her bridesmaids flowers! They were completely gorgeous, the absolute essence of a summer wedding!

Sunday was Erica's baby shower------ from my knit group. I had to miss it, and I feel really bad about it but it was Pride Sunday and that parade is just not to be missed!!! The slow saunter through the (very) crowded park after the parade is without a doubt the finest people watching in the universe. Maybe Chicago or Atlanta or even San Francisco Pride is better for just sitting back and enjoying the sights---- but it would be hard to prove by me! The people who estimate crowds (who are they and how or why do they do that anyway) said over 80,000 people. That is a fair bit by any estimation! Thanks to the Harlot, her Pride blogpost was really fabulous but more so the comments that were left. Doesn't it just warm your heart that knitters are so wonderful?

So it is back to the grind, work calls and my knitting is somewhat forlorn. While I did manage a whole 3 rows on the Pi this weekend I feel somehow guilty for not sitting more with it. Liesl is sitting for the moment as I enjoyed a giant brain freeze getting toward the end of the yoke. On a row where 'stuff happens' with lots of yarn overs and knit togethers (for my non-knitting blitters) I somehow couldn't make it all gel. I'm back on track, I think maybe it was the pressure that even though I was exhausted, I had to produce something. Pretty silly when you think about it!

Maybe I need to just shove back and read for a bit. New books on the coffee table are:
  • "The Savory Way" by Deborah Madison
  • "Four Quarters" by t.s. eliot
  • "The Wisdom of the Desert" by Thomas Merton
  • "Waiting for Godot" by Samuel Beckett
  • "Baking Handbook" Martha Stewart (hey----- all that heavy reading makes a girl want to toss together some muffins or something!)
  • "Knitting Nature" by THE Norah Gaughan :)
Light reading, great weather, and with the way the economy is going here in St. Louis--- happy to be working!


jen duncan said...

Sounds like life is good Tina! Enjoy.

Melissa Morgan-Oakes said...

I like that bride.
eBay makes me tired.

yoel said...

Yay for non-floofy brides!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Great photos. And love the one at Busch Stadium of course. GO CARDS!!!!