Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Home Again Jiggety

I do not know how it could possibly happen that I am home again! How could a long weekend away slip through my hands so fast that here I sit at my desk again, sighing longingly out the window. Only my sunburn (which is a beauty) reminds me that for a couple of wonderful days I laughed more than I thought possible, caught up with my Kansas family whom I adore, went out to dinner (twice even) for some really great food, drank countless bartenderly delights and for long swatches of time floated in the pool like a trout.

I am not positive that trout float, well when they are alive anyway, but refused to use the term water buffalo when it came to my lounging. Just know that lounging was done and done WELL. My Aunt lives next door (it is a huge property, but it is still next door) brought down delicious food on a regular basis. It was a dang boogerin' good deal!

The pool water was delightful. As it was 100 degrees without the heat index, let's just say that it was smokin' hot. The lovely blue pool was just steps away from the bedroom housing my suitcase which had any number of lovely treats in it, like books and magazines and of course Liesl. I did not answer my cell phone one time (heaven) nor did I check email or even fire up the laptop. I didn't even miss it! As I drove both ways (over 9 hours coming home) there was no car knitting. Because I was not alone in the rented white Camry there was not an orgy of podcast listening. There were however frequent stops for vanilla caffeine free diet Coke's at any QT that called my name and of course to potty. Or for the dogs to potty. Or for my partner to potty. This is a good thing and I mention it here because the ability to potty whenever and wherever you want only happens when you are not traveling with a man. A man finds some perverse delight in only stopping when it makes him quite satisfied and usually when you are about to pee down your leg. You know it is true, it really is. The other benefit to stopping for a a potty break is not only stretching your legs but finding out what other delightful treats lurk in the gas station. It might be a frozen Snickers bar or perhaps my favorite, the Chik-O-Stik. All in the name of mini vacation it is fair game and completely guiltless as this incredibly wonderful getaway was!

I'll be back in 6 short weeks (woo hoo). My cousin's youngest is getting married and had to go pretty quick on the whole wedding thing in order for us to have an opening in the schedule when we could go out there and make magic. His fiance is the most adorable thing you have ever seen. She does not knit, to my sorrow, but you can be sure that she will hold my knitting du jour at the appropriate time while looking bridely!!!

That is the happy couple above----- darling. And young! They think nothing of having us take engagement photos at high Noon when it is hotter than seven hundred dollars. My nephew will even hoist her cute self up and give her a twirl. I'm impressed because it has not only been a long time since I have been twirled, I think it has been awhile since this has been a desire!

Oh Liesl? I managed a repeat or two and am still wild about the pattern it is pretty cute. With any luck I might get the desk cleared, the phone calls returned, the prints ordered, the internet problem dealt with, the laundry done, the vacuum run and sit down with a big old glass of something from the cocktail family and have a bit of a knit.

After all, I'm just back ---- we wouldn't want to overdo or anything!


yoel said...

Your mini-break sounds like a dream...I've got to get myself a bigger family, esp one that brings over food and such.

Jenni said...

My family is in Ks too. I was going to go up there this summer, but didn't :(

hapagirl said...

So happy you enjoyed your get away! Aren't vacations wonderful? It's so nice to let things fall away and relax.

jen duncan said...

Hi Tina- So glad you have family that you look forward to going to see! lol. Many aren't that lucky. I always love your photos. They are full of hope and love and joy. Thanks for sharing.