Monday, July 14, 2008

Dough P*imp?

I have no words to describe the past weekend and how I am out of words. This for me is no small feat I can assure you!

The wedding on Saturday was stunning and I do have a knitting bride. She is just still in the camera so be patient with me! After getting home at 11 p.m. on Saturday night, unpacking gear and trying to wind down a bit it was time to get up after too few hours of z's to work a wedding show on Sunday. The booth was adorable, we were swamped upon swamped and it was the fastest 4 hours I can remember in quite a while. The downside is that I talked so boogerin' much that I don't think I could separate my tongue from the roof of my mouth, even working up spit was a colossal effort! The upside was dinner on the way home from Cheesecake Factory. Good thing I was full because it took mucho effort to unpack the car after the show and haul everything back up that flight of stairs to the studio. It's been less than 24 hours since the show and I've already booked two new brides so I think the show will be a resounding success!

So today is catch up day, starting with laundry---- woo hoo------ getting the weeds pulled and the lawn mowed, a handful of paperwork and a couple of contracts---- watering the herbs and as if that were not enough cleaning the bathrooms. When it comes right down to it, there are few things that make a girl feel quite as perky as cleaning the bathroom.......or not so much.

While downloading files it became necessary to perform some kitchen magic of the cookie variety. How else is a girl to work up enough energy to run the vacuum? My thoughts exactly!

Oh yeah!!!! That's what I'm talkin' about!!! My favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe is from an old Oprah magazine, it is a cookie recipe that has Grape Nuts in it------ which sounds like of odd until you taste the cookie.

Totally delicious with just the right proportion of smoosh and crunch--- you can't quite pin down what is in the recipe. And the chocolate to dough recipe is right on the money. EXCELLENT recipe, I recommend it. I'm not sure if it is in her new cookbook from the magazine so if anyone has that book, let me know! I wish you could reach right in through the screen and take one of these bites of yummaroo.

Lastly, on Friday when I was a crazyperson trying to get everything done and ready for the weekend my doorbell rang. Oh yes it did, and it was a good thing!

Ignoring the 'I just did yardwork" manicure (please)----- check the label. It is from the "YARN P*IMP"!!! What in the world did the poor mailman think anyway? I'm sure it caused everyone at the post office to wonder what kinky contraband was enclosed in the Tyvek envelope!!!

But I KNEW! I'd gotten an email from Melissa about her Ebay auctions and went over to take a look. This is dangerous ground, a real slippery slope. I am a sucker for Ebay and really and truly can't be trusted for youknowwhat. Before I knew it, I found an auction ending in less than 3 minutes that had some pretty fair bidding action. The yarn was yummy and I do so love to win at anything that before I knew it............. it the blink of an eye---------- I owned THIS:

10 balls of scrumptions yummy Angora Soft from Knit One Crochet Two. 50 grams of nylon, viscose and angora delight. The color is pretty accurate in the photo........... it is almost watermelon pink. Melissa even threw in an extra ball cuz she loves me! :)

By now, you know the rules. Please do not ask what I am going to knit with this, and do not remind me that the current (and languishing) project on my needles-- well except for the PI Are Square--- is also pink.

This is soooooooooooooooo soft and pretty. I may just hang out with it for awhile, you know, age it properly!

Until then, just call me the Dough Pi*mp!

I'm closing with tattoo thoughts. While weeding today I was listening to Kelley Petkun on the latest KnitPicks podcast and she is once again likeminded with me----- tattoo lusting. Kelley, I know you hang out on the blog now and again----- if you are reading this, I think we should get tattoos together. Why not? I'll be right over!


Virtuous said...

LOL @ Dough Pimp!!
The cookies look really good, but the yarn even better!! What a great package from Melissa! YAY!

Melissa Morgan-Oakes said...

Wait till you see what it does when you wash it.

Oh, man. OK. don't tell anyone, this is a big secret, but sometimes I find myself dreaming tattoo dreams. I was thinking some kind of SockStar logo, with two socks on one long circular needle...

Jenni said...

Lots of yummies!

My blog is acting up...the comments feature isn't working right now and you may have to re-subscribe to the feed. It is a hosting problem. Blech!