Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Busted Stash

I am in awe of my friend YOEL who is the only person I have ever heard of, much less know that has busted her entire yarn stash. She's been hard at it since the beginning of the year. I am wildly impressed. I mean she used IT ALL........... well planned, well orchestrated, never (almost) whiny and completed in record time. I'm amazed and just---- well proud of her! WOO HOO!!!!!!

I have no time to breathe and can barely handle my own bodily functions much less accomplish anything else. Ignore all that please and celebrate a well Busted Stash by popping by Yoel's blog and offering her your congratulations.

Above is my loyal companion and best friend, little boy dog Prince. Is he just the cutest thing you have ever seen????? I think I'll save the photo above for one of those contests where the dogs look like their owners!


Virtuous said...

Simply amazing! I wanna grow up and be just like her! :o)

Anonymous said...

That picture is just adorable ... though, I still think my own dog is cuter, of course! Well, I have to. It's my job as his Mom, but there IS something awfully cute about a dog in glasses.

And I can't imagine NOT having a yarn stash. Good for her!

Jenni said...

WOW!! I will have to pay her a visit and give my congratulations!

Unknown said...

what a beeeeautiful...okay handsome mug. gorgeous companion.

mine and i biked across town in the trailer this morning. no spills!