Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Where the Grass is Always Greener...

I couldn't resist. I tried, and I just lost out. Call it weary........... call it trying to make amends to the knitting side of me when I know I will be Paducah bound and feeding the quilting passions tomorrow. An email came from KnitPicks for their spring yarn samplers and as if the colors were not scrumptious enough.............. well there was the free project instructions included that could all be made with the yarn enclosed. For under fifteen dollars.

How dang cute are they?????? I am in love with the colors, so soft and dreamy. How in the world is a creative sort supposed to be strong against such a thing??????

  • CotLin Kohlrabi
  • Shine Worsted Crème Brulee
  • Shine Sport Cream
  • Comfy Flamingo
  • Main Line Butter Pecan
  • Crayon Light Blue
And patterns are for the lacey mat, sweet ruffled wristwarmers (LOVE THEM!), a cute little cap, and the "Morning Glory" purse, which I can't quite figure out but it looks fun too.

And I leave you with lawn photos. Seriously, I am just excited beyond myself about that lawn. No PhotoShop or anything, it is that green! And lush. Allow me the joy of appreciating it. Soon I will hate the fact that I am married to it, watering it, mowing it, babying it. Hating it if the truth be told. By August I want a patch of astroturf. But for now, I am reveling in its' glory.

The fact that the neighbors hate me is just a very pleasant bonus. Last year my yard looked like dog wambas.

City lot, old house, phlox in the empty planters. Green grass. The little things that for the moment thrill me. I'm heading out for Paducah tomorrow, just a day trip. I'm promising much reserve. My first trip to Quilt Mecca the year I moved to the mainland from Hawaii was quite expensive indeed. I think I came back with the truck packed to the gills, overflow from the car interior. It was sensory overload. This year I have a short list of must haves and am planning just to enjoy the show, purchase a few incredibles and enjoy a fried Twinkie. Last year I enjoyed a burrito in line with Ricky Tims.

I wonder if he has a lawn this gorgeous? I'm thinkin' not!


Nancy said...

Just found your blog and you live in ST LOUIS!! Me TOO!! From the looks of the house, I am betting you live in South City? Beautiful grass. Come grow some for me!! We are north of St Charles in a new subdivision with mud that I am going to paint green soon.
Have a great time in Paducah. I am going Thursday...

Melissa Morgan-Oakes said...

A....a fried...fried WHAT did you say??

Unknown said...

lawn envy. big time.

it is absolutely gahjus. worth ever seed!

PamKittyMorning said...

Well I'm not even going into the lawn envy that I have.

But the yarn wow. It makes me wish I really really knew knitting. I fake-know it.. which isn't good enough for those projects. Love the way the wrist warmers look, but those are something I just don't 'get'.

Jenny Girl said...

Your house is very cute. I love it. Wish I had grass, nothing but cement for me :(