Monday, April 21, 2008

Spring Cliff Notes

Mrs. Lear? The photo above is for you............ the tulips around the Jewel Box in Forest Park in all their glory!

It is true!!! Spring is here, and here with a vengeance! I'll start by saying that all of my hard work has paid off on my lawn, which while city sized small is GORGEOUS. Seriously. I mean if you live in St. Louis please drive by so you can prepare to be amazed by its' glory. Wear your sunglasses, it is brilliant green. Since fall I have overseeded, and fertilized, weeded and tweaked, and with the last application of Turf Builder, well----- it is quite simply fantastic. I almost don't mind having to get out my little green push mower and do the deed every 4 days. Almost. I am so anxious to get out there and plant some flowers. My phlox are holding court quite nicely but they need some help in the floral department.

The bout of rain rain and more rain has made the studio schedule a real mess. Now, during the finally sunny weather we are slammed with engagement session catch ups! Actually, I missed hanging out with my knitting group yesterday because we were fully booked. I am not a great fan of working on Sunday, but you do what you must----- and if the truth be told when we took a quick lunch break I did have a margarita. Yum. I was actually quite proud of myself that I only had one because one of my brides to be yesterday was, well let's just say that she is a challenging girl. Mucho high maintenance.

  • Twilight sock: Not one Stitch (I was hoping to be at knit group for some support to be honest)
  • Lambe: Working up the second side---- cute as pie!
  • Happy Quilt: About 1/3 quilted. As a matter of fact is is hogging space on my Bernina, needle down and waiting to finish.
Full staff will be holding space at a magazine shoot this afternoon (more margarita's on deck for this evening no doubt about it). And endless production hours for the engagement shoots (like the one above). I don't mind the crazy schedule because I'm taking the day OFF on Wednesday for PADUCAH!!!! The day should be glorious for the 3 hour drive down, the window down, some road munchies and maybe a freshly burned cd of music------- can't wait!

AQS Quilt Show

nullApril 23-26, 2008

The American Quilter's Society Annual Quilt Show & Contest makes Paducah a mecca for quilters and quilt enthusiasts each April.

In addition to the juried exhibit of the finest workmanship and most creative quilts in the world, the festival features a merchant mall, workshops and special events throughout the community.

The AQS Quilt Show is held in multiple venues - the Paducah Expo Center, Julian Carroll Convention Center and JR's Executive Inn, all located at One Executive Blvd. in downtown Paducah.

Quilt Mecca? You bet!
I'll be there with camera in one hand and checkbook in the other.

And Sharon??? You silly girl, I know that earthquakes are just no big whoop for those of you in California! Go ahead and scoff at my fear of those bad boys------ I'm just not a fan. Our last aftershock was at about 12:30 this morning, a 4.5 opened one of my eyes as it registered in my sleeping brain. The dogs didn't even stir, they must be getting used to them.

Back to the enjoyment of spring.................


Unknown said...

ooo paducah. that's fun to say. have a great trip...

as for lawns, don't look at mine if you come to boulder. i have been a remedial lawncare student since living in this house. just don't love it. it was a sad day when the kid next door went away to college. the new kids aren't big enough yet!

Melissa Morgan-Oakes said...

if i had to work with brides, I know I would shoot myself.

jen duncan said...

Oh what fun you'll have in Paducah!! So cool!
We had a pretty big quake here today and as I watched the ceiling fan above me sway back and forth I briefly thought of you. :-)